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The Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask

How can I introduce sex toys to my relationship?

The best way to start bringing sex toys into your bedroom is with a simple, honest conversation. Don’t make it all about yourself, tell your partner why using toys will be great for them too.

It might be useful to pick out some simple and non-intimidating toys that your partner might enjoy using with you, such as our glass jeweled butt plug set. With three different sizes and a bonus bullet vibrator, it gives you plenty of options to start experimenting.

Which toys are best for couples?

There are many toys specifically designed to be used by couples that can add something new and exciting to your sex life. Our favourites are couples vibrators, vibrating cock rings (both of which stimulate all your sensitive areas at the same time), or a pair of matching butt plugs so you both enjoy a new experience together.

Will my partner enjoy sex toys more than having sex with me?

This is a common concern among people looking to start using toys in the bedroom. We won’t lie to you, our toys are that good that your partner might love them (like our magic wands)! But it’s important to remember that you can use them together to increase both of your pleasure.

If you’re really worried though, then why not explore these feelings with your partner. Toys such as bondage kits and chastity cages are perfect to make sure your partner isn’t enjoying themselves too much.

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Will I have better orgasms with sex toys?

YES! Women in particular can have much more fulfilling sex when they introduce sex toys to their lives. In particular, bullet vibrators are great for hitting the g-spot and clitoris which most penises will struggle with on their own.

Men aren’t left out though. Adding a prostate massager to your sex life can greatly increase the power and pleasure of a man’s orgasm. Or add a new dynamic by trying some of our fantastic chastity cages.

Can I get addicted to sex toys?

Like all the good things in life, moderation is key with sex toys. Obviously it’s much more difficult to get addicted to toys than something like smoking, but if you find that your toys are beginning to affect your life or your relationships then maybe it’s time to reduce your use a bit.

What sex toy is best for a beginner?

When you’re just starting out, we usually recommend that you pick something simple and easy to use that can enhance the things you’re already doing, rather than something completely new that you need to learn how to use.

Good examples include bullet vibrators that can make masturbation more fun, or cock rings to add extra sensations when you’re having sex.

How long do sex toys last?

As long as you aren’t abusing them too much, there’s no reason your sex toys shouldn’t last for a few years. Of course you might get a bit bored of them by then, so there’s always a reason to pick up a few more...

Should I use lube with my sex toys?

This is one of the most common questions we see, and luckily it has a pretty simple answer. Yes! Even though there are a lot of toys where you don’t necessarily need lubrication, generally we advise you use it because it just makes everything that little bit more enjoyable.

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How do I clean my sex toys?

Cleaning sex toys is one of the simplest and easiest things you should be doing every time you use them.

All you need is some warm soapy water, and to clean it like you would anything else. Make sure to get in all the nooks and crannies, and dry it thoroughly before putting it away and it’ll be good as new next time you want to use it.

Take care with any toys with electrical parts and make sure water doesn’t get where it should’t be.

How loud is a vibrator?

Everyone in a shared house knows the pain. You choose a brand new sex toy, only to find out when you try to use it it sounds like there’s an earthquake in your room. So which vibrators are really quiet?

Ultimately, vibration is loud, so you should always assume that it’s going to be louder than you think to avoid disappointment. However looking for smaller models can help to reduce the noise, as can trying out some of the newer styles such as vibrators that make use of air pulses rather than a rattling motor.

Will vibrators make my vagina numb?

A common fear among many women is that using a vibrator too much will make their vagina numb, so sex won’t be as good any more.

To be blunt, this is a total myth. Obviously if you’ve just used one for four hours straight, then things might be a bit numb for a while, but after a rest it’ll go back to normal.

Will big sex toys stretch my vagina?

Another common fear for women, what if it ruins my vagina? Fortunately, the vagina is magical in more ways than one. When aroused it can grow up to several times its normal size. Perfect for all the large toys you want to try out. Once you’re done, it returns to it’s former glory over the course of a few hours.

Are there sex toys for guys?

Many men avoid sex toys their whole lives because they think that they’re only for women, but these men are missing out! There’s a whole host of interesting toys for men to try (and a whole section of our site dedicated to it), so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment.

Does using anal toys mean I’m gay?

A common male fear is that sticking anything in your butt instantly makes you gay. Of course, this is completely false. Your butt is a treasure trove of pleasure just waiting to be opened. Enjoy it while you can!

Will anal toys get stuck/lost in my butt?

Another excuse many people use to avoid trying anal toys, this time a little more grounded in fact. If you stick something in your butt, then it will get sucked in.

The way we get around this with anal toys is by making sure they have a large flared base. This lets them go in as far as they’re supposed to, but no further.

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Do anal toys hurt?

This one is probably the most common reason people don’t want to try anal play. We won’t lie to you, anal can hurt. But it doesn’t have to.

Make sure you’re always using lube with anal toys, and don’t just rush to large toys straight away. Start with a finger or two, then a small toy, and work your way up. And try to relax! The more relaxed you are, the more your butt will accept whatever you’re trying to put in it.

Why can’t I make my partner cum?

Another really common problem we see (especially for men), is that they just can’t make their partner cum.

For women, this is usually just because a penis simply doesn’t hit all the right spots on it’s own. Trying a different position can help, or using a small vibrator to stimulate the clitoris while you’re having sex.

If a man is struggling to come the problem is often staying hard. Try using a cock ring to restrict the blood flow, and see if your new raging hard on does the trick.

Can I really have multiple orgasms?

The legendary multiple orgasm. It turns out it’s not so much of a legend after all. All women can cum multiple times in one session, you just need to be aroused enough. Take your time, use plenty of foreplay, a few sex toys, and don’t put pressure on yourself!

Unfortunately men, you’re out of luck. It’s extremely rare (but not impossible) for a man to cum multiple times.

Is the G-spot real?

The G-spot is a so called secret spot inside the vagina which brings a woman lots of pleasure, and it’s most definitely real. In fact, there are many special kinds of vibrators specifically designed to hit this spot, and bring you the best orgasms you’ve ever had.

Is it okay if my partner masturbates?

Masturbation is a perfectly healthy and normal thing to do. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is plainly and simply wrong. It’s your body, enjoy it!

Can I masturbate too much?

While masturbation is perfectly normal, it’s definitely something you can do too often. If you find you’re having difficulty reaching orgasm with your partner, or that masturbation is affecting other parts of your life, consider taking a break. You’ll enjoy sex so much more if you do.

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Can exercise make sex better?

An often overlooked tip for better sex is getting fitter! Being fitter will mean you have more stamina, so you can go for longer in the bedroom. Being more flexible will let you explore different positions.

You can also work on pelvic floor training, which is training a group of muscles in your lower body that are closely linked to orgasms. Strengthening this muscle group can let you last longer in bed, and give you more intense orgasms.

Kegel balls and yoni eggs are both toys that are designed to help with this kind of training, and both are in stock at Lovegasm!

How do I get more confident in the bedroom?

This is one of the more difficult questions we get asked. Confidence isn’t something with an easy one size fits all answer.

We usually find one of the best ways to become more confident in bed is by making some simple changes. Turing off the lights can help you feel less worried about how you look (and your sex face).

Another great thing that can help you feel more confident is encouraging your partner to be more vocal! If they’re telling you how great you look, or making plenty of groans of enjoyment, then it can help give you that little push you need to get going.

Is <insert fetish here> normal?

There are so many fetishes out there it’s impossible to name them all, and this question has been asked about pretty much every one of them. The simple answer is, if something is happening between two consenting adults, and you both enjoy it, then it’s normal.

How do I get into <fetish>/BDSM?

Fetishes and BDSM can be exciting ways to make your sex life much more interesting. But the problem we see most often is people jumping off at the deep end, having a bad experience, and never wanting to try it again.

We recommend starting slow and simple, and working your way up. Don’t go for a full bondage sex swing straight away, start with a blindfold and some handcuffs. See if you like it, then try something a little more adventurous.

By the time you get to the more out there parts of BDSM, you’ll be much more confident, you’ll know your limits, and you’ll know what you like.

Where is the best place to buy sex toys?

Lovegasm of course!

Our range of high quality sex toys caters to every kind of individual or couple. With discreet billing and fast discreet shipping, you’ll be enjoying your toys before you know it!