Plastic Cock Cages

Most people dream of being in a dark room with candles lit, rose petals scattered on the bed, and maybe a glass or two of your favorite wine. However, not everyone likes that. You probably don't find that interesting either.

What turns you on is when you have a Domme taking over you. You don't want to be "the man" in a sexual relationship. The thought of being controlled by someone instantly turns you on. If your Mistress suddenly asks you if you would like to give her complete control over your manhood...would you do it?

Only you can answer that question when you gaze upon this collection of Plastic Cock Cages. Each product has the power to ultimately deny any erection and orgasm from a man, leaving him powerless.

There are many reasons why you deserve to have your dick behind bars—or in this case, in plastic enclosures. You could be a naughty boy doing selfish deeds while Mistress is not around. Or she just wants to make sure that you're well-behaved while she's away. Whatever it is, you won't be able to achieve any kind of sexual pleasure when you put this on.

But punishing you for having any erotic acts doesn't mean that you should be punished with the quality as well. Every male chastity cage is made out of high-quality material, mostly it's ABS. We assure you that the product goes through a strict quality check to make sure that it meets our standards. Cages are automatically disposed of once these don't meet that requirement.

Because of their material, your Domme has the option to choose the color...or maybe she'll let you choose instead. They range from a variety of different colors from simple blacks and pinks to crazy colors like neon green. Transparent clear can give you a beautiful view of the tool you're not allowed to use.

Our plastic chastity cage collection also includes a set with different penis ring dimensions, making sure that you and your mistress could freely choose the perfect product with the perfect ring -- nothing will be too small or too big for you!

The ring part is as important as the cage itself. It's also called the "base ring" or the "back ring" which prevents the entire product from slipping off your dick. We're pretty sure your mistress doesn't want a product that'll cause any inconvenience to her domme play. So, considering the ring size should definitely be part of your checklist.

The male chastity devices can be secured in place with an internal brass lock or a separate brass padlock. Two or more keys will be provided for your Mistress' safekeeping. These can even get pass airport security if you want to travel somewhere. Just replace the brass lock with an included plastic lock to prevent metal detection.

There's absolutely no reason why you should take it off once it's on. If you have to use the bathroom, that's not a problem. Just whiz while it's still on. These plastic cages have an open area at the tip to let the urine pass through. So no, you can't use your bladder as an excuse.

But the fun doesn't stop there. How your Domme wishes to control you also has different options. A fully enclosed cage denies your penis of any right to see the light of day. If Mistress is more forgiving, she can get one that will give your penis some exposure. But that will leave those parts vulnerable for her teases.

Be a good boy and obey your dominant partner. Your loyalty to her starts when you let yourself be a slave to these chastity devices.

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