Nipple Stickers

Brassieres are made for a lot of reasons. They balance the busts’ weight distribution, make you look good in any clothes, and reduce discomfort experienced when the breasts move unwantedly.

However, as time passes by, wearing them for long hours can be wearying. Some women even can’t wait to go home after a long day to release the boobies out.

Well, that’s where alternative options take place. A lot of women are now comfortable going braless in public. If you want to do this as well but hate the fact that everyone will be able to see your awakened and peeking tits, our Nipple Stickers Collection is here to the rescue!

But what exactly are these stickers? If you haven’t heard of them, nipple stickers, AKA pasties, are the newest boob fashion trend. They are usually used by women who join raves or choose to go braless on going out and about their day. These pasties are your sure go-to buddies when all you want to do is to let your boobies come out and be free from brassieres’ restrictions.

There are different ways to flaunt these beauties. They go well with see-through shirts, sleeveless or plunging neckline tops, and even summer dresses. They are maybe daring to look at and, of course, wear, but they are over-the-top comfortable, most especially on a sweltering day.

Our Nipple Sticker Collection gives you a wide array of variants to choose from. With different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, one thing is for sure—you won’t leave the site without getting your first or nth pair. These are indeed collectible items.

The exterior materials of these pasties come in different forms. Some have polyester, acetate fabric, spandex, bamboo fiber, satin, cotton, and silk. Depending on the content, some are breathable while others are not. The level of moisture absorbance varies too. The only common denominator these stickers have is the velvety feel they possess, so you get to be assured of their gentleness on the delicate skin of your boobies. It would be best to read the description and pay attention to the materials used on your prospective sticker, so you don’t miss out on the essential deets.

As for their interior parts, most of the time, they are made of body-safe adhesives and milk paste. You can lay all your guards down with these sticking agents as they are composed of non-toxic and hypoallergenic contents. They work long-lasting too! You don’t have to worry about these nipple stickers coming off or moving elsewhere on your boobies even when you use them all day long.

What separates nipple stickers from other types of covers is their flat surface. They are body-conforming and can effortlessly drape on the boobies—some function just by covering the tits while the others may give you a lift. Often, they are known to be disposable, but it depends on the adhesives. Some can be reused a few more times before their sticking agents run out of value. As this happens, you can still recycle them by buying body-safe glue or double-sided tape.

As you choose to reuse these items, clean their interior parts by dabbing your fingertip in warm soapy water. Never dry them using any cloth as these may affect their ability to stick well on your skin’s surface. Just leave them out to dry, and that’s it; you’re ready to flaunt your boobies!

So what are you still waiting for? Join the new boob trend and let your boobies out and be free! Shop in our Nipple Stickers Collection now!

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