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Observe an image of Precious Inverted Steel Urethral Flat Cock Cage with sound attachment for unique sensations.
This is an image of a stainless steel device with intricate design for profound pleasure.
Displaying an image of the durable stainless steel companion for intimate adventures.
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Discover the thrill of inverted chastity with this stainless steel cage.
Check out an image of an inversion cage for a discreet and extreme chastity experience.
This is an image of an inverted chastity device for a unique and intense experience.
Explore the world of inverted chastity with this flat cock cage in stainless steel.
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Base Ring Size
Small - 1.57 inches
Medium - 1.77 inches
Large - 1.97 inches
Base Ring Size
Small - 1.57 inches

Product Description

Embrace the Unexpected Thrill

Unlock the door to a realm of tantalizing pleasure and excitement with a device designed to tease and test your limits. Crafted meticulously for an exhilarating intimate experience, this device is your passport to uncharted territories of erotic exploration. Its sleek design, combined with an attached 2.05-inch long sound, takes the traditional concept of chastity cages to a whole new level. The holes on the top give your manhood the much-needed breathing room, ensuring not just pleasure, but also comfort and safety. Now, push the boundaries of your desires and surrender to the unexpected thrill that awaits you.

Step up your game and immerse yourself in a world of unique sensations. It's time to elevate your intimate moments, embrace the thrill, and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

Intricate Design for Profound Sensations

Immerse yourself in an ocean of sensory pleasure with the device's intricate design. Measuring 1.30 x 0.98 inches, it is meticulously crafted to create a snug fit. The device's exterior resembles a mini-UFO spaceship, complete with holes on top to ensure your comfort and safety. The delicate 2.05-inch long sound, attached to this stainless-steel device, introduces an element of surprise, promising unique sensations with every use.

The device's crowning glory is its built-in lock, eliminating the need for a key. This hassle-free feature allows you to focus solely on the pleasure at hand, enhancing your intimate moments and adding an edge of excitement to your erotic endeavors.

Your Companion in Stainless Steel

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this device is your durable companion in your intimate adventures. Its non-toxic, non-porous nature makes it 100% body-safe, ensuring that your pleasure never comes at the cost of your health. The texture of the stainless steel is smooth to the touch, providing a comfortable fit and a seamless experience. Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring you can maintain your device in top-notch condition for your next pleasure-filled rendezvous.

Now, it's time to indulge in your fantasies, secure in the knowledge of the quality and safety of your stainless steel companion. Embrace the thrill, surrender to the unexpected, and unlock a world of pleasure that awaits you.

Precious Inverted Steel Urethral Flat Cock Cage Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Ring Dimension: 1.57", 1.77", 1.97"
  • Cage Dimension:
    • Length:
      • Cage: 1.30"
      • Catheter: 2.05"
    • Width:
      • Cage: 0.98" / 25mm
      • Catheter: 0.31" / 8mm
      • Catheter Hole: 0.12" / 3mm

Ready To Try Inverted Chastity?

Chastity is an increasingly popular and fun way to explore orgasm control and dominance and submission in relationships, and inverted cages are the perfect way to step things up a notch. Whether you practise it solo and are looking for a way to feminize your penis, or you want play around in a submissive role with a partner, it comes packed with benefits. First and foremost among these are more intense orgasms, with increased sexual tension and a frustrating but oh-so-rewarding release. The discipline required to maintain a chaste lifestyle is its own reward. Enhanced focus, more attentive and caring relationships, and a fun new dynamic are the most popular reasons people try chastity.

Leave Nothing Behind With Inversion Cages

This cage is the perfect choice to comfortably invert your cock, leaving nothing but the cage visible as it is pushed back into your body. Inversion is a new and quickly growing fetish in the chastity community, a step up from regular devices as a more extreme alternative. The mantra, "out of sight, out of mind" takes a new meaning, and they are popular for any sissy or femboy who wants to minimize their genitals. If you want to induce penis shrinkage, these are the perfect tool to do so with.

Cleaning and Care

How To Maintain Hygiene In Chastity

A common concern for beginners is how to keep their cage clean, but this is easily done by having a routine. Removing it daily to clean is recommended, and rinsing with warm water immediately after urinating will prevent bacteria from building up. To clean, remove the cage and rinse it under warm running water. Apply soap, and thoroughly scrub the inside and outside with a soft, clean sponge or washcloth dedicated for the purpose, until a lather forms and the entire surface has been scrubbed. Rinse the suds off with warm water, and dry it off with paper towel. Take this opportunity to clean your genitals as well, before putting the device back on.

Some choose to keep their cage on for extended periods, which is not recommended, and carries a risk of poor hygiene or infection. If you do choose to do so, you should clean it thoroughly while showering daily. Apply hand-soap and use a cotton swab to clean the inside of the cage and your penis, before rinsing it off with water. Dry it with a towel as best you can, using a dry cotton swab to dry the interior, as leaving it moist creates a breeding ground for bacteria. If you do notice any bad odor, you must remove the cage and give it a thorough clean.

How To Use

Measuring For Your Chastity Cage

Measuring for this inverted cage works a little differently to standard cages. The ring size is still important to avoid restricting circulation, but the optimal length of the inversion point depends on your flaccid penis length. If you are a "Grower", you should try an inverted device with a shorter point, while a "Shower" should choose one with a longer point, which will push your penis further into your pelvis. To measure for your optimal ring diameter, follow the standard instructions for any other cage: wrap the tape measure around the base of your penis and scrotum while flaccid, pulling it comfortably tight to find your ring circumference, and divide this measurement by pi (3.14) for your diameter.

How To Wear The Cage

To wear this device, first slip the ring over your penis and balls, then place the tube over your flaccid penis until the connecting pins between the tube and ring align, applying water-based lubrication as necessary if this proves difficult. When the pins meet, ensure the barrel lock is fully inserted and securing the cage together before locking it with the key.

Staying Safe While Caged

As you will spend hours, or even days at a time locked up in your chastity device, it's important to follow these safety instructions, and also to keep your penis clean. First up—ensure the cage fits comfortably. If well-fitted, it should not dig in, feel painful, or cause chafing. If you feel any pain or numbness, or notice redness or purple swelling, this means your cage is too small and should be removed immediately, and you should wear it with a bigger ring size. Alternatively, it may mean the inversion point of the cage pushes on your penis too hard, and you should choose one with a shorter point to lower the pressure, or a wider point to distribute pressure more evenly.

Second, follow strict key management. You must always be able to remove the device immediately, if necessary. Keep a spare key in a safe place at all times, and if you leave the house, carry a key on your person. With these instructions, chastity can be practiced long-term, or even permanently without causing any health issues. ED or pain are both indicators of an overly tight fit. Penis shrinkage has been reported to occur after long lock-up periods, and this is thought to occur when you go without erections for extended periods, but it will return to its normal size immediately after taking the cage off.

It is highly recommended to remove an inverted device while sleeping, allowing your penis to relax overnight and prevent pressure sores.

Shipping and Discretion

We take great lengths here at Lovegasm to make sure every package we send is completely discreet. Any small parcels will be sent in plain white packets, and larger orders will be shipped in unmarked cardboard parcel boxes.

This product is distributed directly from our manufacturing facility. Contiguous United States delivery will take up to 2 weeks. International shipping is available, though the expected timeframe varies as it is subject to international shipping and customs regulations

Our Promises to You
Discreet Shipping and Billing

Shop and buy worry free—your purchases are completely discreet. Your item will be shipped in plain packaging, and your bank statement will display a generic billing name to preserve your privacy.

Your Pleasure, Our Promise

Every sex toy for sale is carefully manufactured to ensure your play is both pleasurable and body-safe, every time. Feel utter satisfaction with high-quality and long-lasting products—this is the Lovegasm guarantee.

Discreet Shipping and Billing

Shop and buy worry free—your purchases are completely discreet. Your item will be shipped in plain packaging, and your bank statement will display a generic billing name to preserve your privacy.

Your Pleasure, Our Promise

Every sex toy for sale is carefully manufactured to ensure your play is both pleasurable and body-safe, every time. Feel utter satisfaction with high-quality and long-lasting products—this is the Lovegasm guarantee.

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