Gimp Masks

Most kinky sex started with the use of a harmless blindfold. It may not fall under hardcore BDSM activity just yet, but it can already be considered one epic step. It strips off a person's modesty, and as a result, he/she performs without inhibition.

But what about the use of a full head mask? How does the BDSM world find pleasure with that?

This accessory is what we call a gimp mask, kinky wear that covers the head and usually the face, and it is used on activities involving sensory deprivation. While most of the effects of using blindfolds are directed on the submissive, it's the other way around for these masks. Stripping off the bottom of many senses satisfies the dominants more. The sight of the sub's helplessness and vulnerability makes the top feel that he/she is powerful and in control of everything. And when this happens, the bottom becomes an easy subject for depersonalization - an act that works by treating a person as a mere object for obedience training or pet play.

Gimp masks are not your ordinary kink accessories. It takes consent and enough practice to use them. So before playing with these tricky tools, it is necessary to research how to use them safely. Because even a less intense base material of gimp masks can pose risks when used poorly.

And so, dedicated to players with immense desire for extreme sensory deprivation will find their match in this Gimp Mask Collection. How do the products in this selection differ, and what are the things to expect? Come on and find out!

Most of the Gimp masks in this selection are made of sleek and smooth synthetic leather, a material known for its classy and sultry appearance. Some are made adjustable, while others need the right head sizing for an excellent fitting. But if you are looking forward to tight-fitting ensembles, then the latex and rubber pieces are the right ones for you. They are elastic and versatile enough to be worn on different BDSM activities. Although these masks and hoods have differences, they also share some standard features. First, they are sturdy, so you can expect them to have lasting durability. And lastly, all these base materials are deemed to be body-safe, so you can rest assured that all these products will leave your submissive unscathed and free from skin irritations.

These products may look hardcore at first glance, but they have ergonomic designs that will help players prioritize safety. In addition, they have access to air-source so the wearer can breathe easily. And as for effortless wearing and quick release, these pieces have a zipper or intertwining regulatory lace placed at the backside. And yes, some leather-based toys are also padded for add-on safety.

The masks and hoods that made it in this collection may not have a wide range of colors to choose from, but their seductive looks can make up for this.

Ready to take on the challenge of using gimp masks? Come on; there's no harm in trying one out! Add a piece to start your journey today!

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