Inflatable Dildos

Push your anal and vaginal stretching to the limit with an inflatable dildo. A hand-held pump blows the dildo up making it grow bigger and bigger inside you, allowing you to use a bigger toy than you normally could as you can slowly inflate it once inside. The intense, gradual increase of pressure can feel amazing and open you up to bigger toys.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Inflatable Dildos

What is an inflatable dildo?

Inflatable dildos are an insertable sex toy made of super-stretchy elastomer materials that can be pumped up to expand and fill up with air. This lets you make it bigger and thicker while it’s inside you, expanding slowly for a comfortable, gradual internal stretch.

Can an inflatable dildo blow up inside me?

Lovegasm inflatable dildos are all made from tough materials and a pressure relief valve (PRV) which automatically deflates the toy if the pressure maximum is exceeded, which prevents bursting. Cheaply manufactured Inflatable toys without PRV’s should not be over-pumped to avoid bursting.

How to use inflatable dildos?

An expanding dildo can be used just like any other dildo, but with perks! Use plenty of lube before inserting anally or vaginally, then use the hand-pump to slowly inflate the dildo inside you. To deflate, spin the valve control to release the air-pressure.

Are inflatable dildos safe?

Yes, provided you buy one with a pressure relief valve that is made from high-quality, non-porous elastomer materials including medical-grade silicone and TPR/TPE.

Are inflatable sex toys good for vaginal and anal training?

Yes. inflatable dildos are versatile for anal and vaginal use, and allow you to fit a smaller toy in before gradually inflating to pleasurably relax and dilate your internal muscles. When done frequently, these toys can open you up over time to bigger toys or even fisting.

Feel An Intense Stretch With An Inflatable Plug

Expanding sex toys open up a whole new world of pleasure. These cleverly designed dildos fill up with air and inflate inside of you, which offers a pleasurable stretching feeling that gets more and more intense with every pump. Try an inflatable dildo and see if you can pump it up all the way!

Inflatable dildos are known for the unique sensations they offer when pumped up inside you. The slow, gradual stretch puts intense pressure on your ass or vagina internally as it fills up. The soft elastic material of the dildo expands around its firm core, sending waves of pleasure and more and more pressure presses against your G-spot and prostate with each pump. Because they're elastic, inflatable sex toys are great at filling up space, expanding pleasurably inside your vagina or anus. They don't miss a spot, pressing against all the sensitive nerves and making every pump an intense, leg-quivering experience.

This opens up exciting possibilities for anal training, as with frequent use, inflatable dildos can lead to more relaxed internal muscles by dilating, strengthening, and elongating your pelvic floor muscles. Once anal training is achieved, anal sex can become incredibly pleasurable as your anal muscles relax completely, no longer resisting the insertion of a penis or dildo. This leads to intense, pain-free anal stimulation for women, and easier prostate stimulation for men.

To make your shopping experience quick and easy, Lovegasm includes the following information for every inflatable dildo;
  • Product images showing each dildo when deflated versus maximum inflation,
  • Deflated diameter,
  • Inflated maximum diameter,
  • Cleaning and care instructions for each material.

Inflatable dildos are just as capable when providing vaginal training and pleasure, and people with tighter vaginas can use them to relax their muscles and even as a dilating treatment for painful vaginismus . For size queens, inflatable dildos allow you to take bigger toys than ever before. Have a dildo that’s too big to fit ? Get comfortable with your inflatable toy, lay back and pump it up to max. Wait 10 minutes, remove it, and you’ll find even a huge dildo will slide in easily!

Types Of Inflatable Sex Toys

To ensure you get the most out of your inflatable toys, Lovegasm offers body-safe materials with a range of features and shapes to maximize your pleasure. Size plays a key role with inflatable dildos. As most people here want a big dildo for a good stretch, it’s easy to get carried away and pick a size that is too wide to insert. Picking a deflated width that you can take ensures plenty of room for growth when it’s inflated. Inflatable dildos width can expand between 30% to over 100% wider, depending on which you choose.

Explore our collection to find your perfect style:
  • Materials: Tough, flexible elastomers like firmer medical-grade silicone and softer TPE/TPR form the materials used in our range. Both are non-porous and body-safe, with silicone not capable of stretching as much as rubber options.
  • Realistic Inflatable Dildos: Packed with textures like veins and bumps with a realistic head, these resemble a real penis until inflated. The textures inflate with the dildo, adding sensation.
  • Inflatable Dilators: Smooth, featureless and made for easy insertion, a dilator's primary purpose is to help you with anal training and vaginal stretching.
  • Inflatable Butt Plugs : Tear-drop shaped with an anal-safe flared base, these inflatable anal toys are designed for anal training and lock into your ass when inflated, growing until they can’t be removed without deflating.
  • Huge Inflatable Toys: For the size queens and kings, what's better than a large toy? One that blows up even bigger! Our most giant inflatable dildo grows to over 3.5 inches wide
  • Beginner Inflatable Toys: These small toys pack a big punch and are perfect for beginners looking for small deflated girth that can be pumped up to a bigger width.
  • Vibrating Inflatable Dildos: Adding to an already intense experience, vibrations can turn the usual stretch into toe-curling pleasure. Once the toy is fully ballooned, the vibrations pulsate through the entire surface, vibrating every corner of your ass or vagina.
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