Dragon Dildos

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Dragon Dildo

Take your sex life beyond this world, and venture into the realms of knights and monsters with a dragon dildo! This sex toy isn’t for the faint of heart, for these are creatively modelled after these mythical beasts.

Of course, there’s no such thing as dragons in real life, so there’s no such thing as an accurate dragon dildo. Instead, their creators use their imagination to think about the ways these creatures might look and try to create interesting, colorful, and most importantly, pleasurable adult sex toys for both men and women!

The Bad Dragon Dildo

The initial pioneers of this unusual type of sex toy are the Bad Dragon company themselves. They specialise in all kinds of fantasy dongs, but as their name would suggest, their bad dragon dongs are amongst their most popular products.

In the dildo world, a bad dragon is undoubtedly one of the most premium products money can buy. Most are made with the highest quality materials you’re likely to find, but unfortunately, premium products come at premium prices.

They are also highly customisable, with many different options so you can truly create your own ideal bad dragon.

The biggest problem most people have with these products is simply that they take quite a long time to make. Many orders will take several months to make their way from bad dragon to the customer, and for some that’s simply too long to wait for a sex toy.

So are you simply out of luck in your hunt for a dragon dong? Will you never feel the pleasure of being penetrated by a mythical beast without having to wait months and months? Not quite…

Alternatives to Bad Dragon

Like pretty much anything you can buy online, there are always plenty of alternatives when looking for a dragon dildo. While the bad dragon company came up with the idea, they certainly have competition these days, with a high quality dragon dildo easily accessible to nearly everyone!

If you still want to go for the tailor made option, finding a dragon dildo completely perfect for you, there are many other stores. Etsy is a valuable resource, containing many different stores who will be more than happy to make them. While you still have to wait a little while, you’ll often get a much more personal touch than you would with bad dragon themselves.

The greatest thing about the sex toy industry though is it’s never long before other manufacturers start designing their own versions of a popular toy. It’s been over a decade since the original bad dragon dildo came to the market, and these days you can find the same kind from many different stores and websites.

With all the available sizes and textures of these fantasy dongs, lubricants are certainly a must to ease in the wildest experience you'll ever have. Don't forget to check the compatibility of some lubes with your dong material. Water-based lubes are recommended for most types.

Here at Lovegasm, we’ve collected a selection of our favourite dragon dildos that you can order and start using much quicker! Of course, you miss out on some of the customisable aspects from the premium sellers, but as time has gone on these mass-produced dongs, models have become much more sophisticated and detailed.

With our range and top of the line quality, you’ll be more than satisfied. Once you start using your new dragon dong, you forget completely that it didn’t come from bad dragon themselves. Instead, your mind will be completely focused on the intense and different stimulation these unusual dildos provide!

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