Cuffed for Life Permanent Collar

Cuffed for Life Permanent Collar

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Dominance is so much more than just commanding and taking control over one’s body and feelings. It is the desire to know how much a submissive can take. It is feeling the pleasure of seeing your partner exposed and bare, without restrictions.

Does it sound so much like you? If it does, then make a bold move as a dominant and give this Cuffed for Life Permanent Collar to your sub!

This sleek, stylish, and submissive piece is everything you need to cuff your bottom for life. Ask her to wear it as a day collar completing her casual outfit. And by nighttime, accentuate it to her on your wild and kinky play. You can also incorporate nipple clamps, whips, and blindfolds for a more erotic take.

At the center part of this collar are the cuffs that serve a dual purpose. They lock the piece and act as a decorative ensemble, making it less provocative and an exquisite submissive day collar. These cuffs also symbolize complete and utter ownership to let everyone know that your bottom is yours and yours alone.

You can rely on this piece to be a durable accessory with its iron alloy as the base material. It is lightweight and resistant to corrosion and can even maintain its strength and withstand high temperatures. This collar will not pose risks of inflicting harm over your bottom’s delicate skin, too. Due to its hypoallergenic property, it is a body-safe accessory to use for an extended time. It is strong enough for role play yet comfortable enough for daily wear.

After donning this piece, make sure to clean it by wiping off dirt and residue built-up stuck on its surface. It would be best if you had it deep cleaned once in a while to maintain its pristine and sterling qualities.

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Color Silver
Material Iron Alloy
Dimension Length: 17.72 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A