Locked Up Steel Slave Collar
Locked Up Steel Slave Collar
Locked Up Steel Slave Collar
Locked Up Steel Slave Collar

In every relationship, commitment and trust are key ingredients. Set these two values aside, and you are about to see the end of your relationship.

That is why married couples wear a wedding band to remind themselves regularly about the commitment they vowed to undertake. But between a Master and a slave, a collar seals the deal. With a collar strapped around the neck, how can one go out and about without inviting attention?

A leather strap around the neck will make onlookers raise eyebrows. People will surely ask questions about the choker, and we know, for sure, that if you were the slave, you would refuse to wear such a collar to work.

To avoid prying, suspicious eyes, put our Locked Up Steel Slave Collar around your slave's neck and be a pleased Master 24/7.

It is a stylish slave collar that will signal other Doms to keep their hands off your sub. Wrap this around your slave's neck when joining BDSM parades and parties, and let everyone in the community know she's owned. Men, women, gays, or lesbians, anybody can enjoy wearing it, even the ones who are not into BDSM.

It's an undeniably fashionable accessory when worn with everyday clothes. The chain is around 15 inches long, and it features a voguish padlock pendant dangling in the center of the chain. Since you are the one in charge, you are the key holder. Lock her or unlock her whenever it pleases you.

It's destined to last as it's made of a series of interconnected uniform metal links. Maintenance is minimal. All you need is a brush with soft bristles and mild soap to wash it when dirt accumulates.

If you're looking for a day collar that is discreet and fashionable, you can't go wrong with the Locked Up Steel Slave Collar. Your slave will love it; you will, too! Buy now!

Color/Type Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 15.75 inches
Width/Diameter: NA

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Locked Up Steel Slave Collar

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