When Should You Douche Before Sex?

The main reason for many of us to use an anal douche is to get our butts clean and empty before we start putting other objects inside them. Is this something we need to do every single day though?

Only before we have sex?

Even less?

If you’re looking for answers, then were going to try and help.

Pre-Sex Douching

As our main intent a lot of the time is to avoid any leftover feces in our rectums while we have anal sex, you’d think that you should just douche before you decide to have sex. Unfortunately, when you should douche isn’t really a cut and dry question with a simple answer.

There are those out there who douche every single day. It might be done whenever you have a shower, before you go to bed, or even after using the toilet. Others douche a less often, although still regularly, maybe once a week or fortnight. At the lower end of the spectrum, you have people who only douche before they are expecting to have anal sex.

No matter how often you douche, if you’re doing it as a pre-sex ritual you need to allow plenty of time. For most people, around two hours will be sufficient. Doing it too early can make it a little pointless, as you might need to use the bathroom in the time between douching and sex. Doing it too late can leave you without enough time to fully cleanse the liquids, making for some less than ideal sex.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite rule about how much you should douche.

How Do You Know You’re Douching Too Much?

Without any definitive guidelines on douching, it can be difficult to know if you’re overdoing it. Our rectums have a lining of mucus that helps to protect the walls from damage. Douching too often will gradually wash this away and leave it vulnerable. When this happens you’re much more likely to bruise, tear or even cut your rectum.

Another potential problem is caused by the cleansing properties of douches, usually the exact thing we want to achieve.

While cleansing any of the bad bacteria and leftover faeces is a good thing, an unfortunate side effect is that we also get rid of many of the good bacteria and flora found in the rectum too. As this happens, our bodies will lose their natural balance and even our electrolytes can be affected.

So, if douching too often will be bad for us, how often should we do it?

As a general guide, I’d recommend douching up to a few times a month for the majority of people, but no more often. Leaving a few days between douching sessions gives your body a lot more time to recover, keeping yourself nice and healthy. You don’t have to stick to a specific schedule, although many people like to do them at the same time each week.

If We Can’t Douche All The Time, Why Should We Bother?

At this point you might be wondering what the point is of douching at all. After all, you’re going to use the toilet a lot in a week, so surely, it’s not going to have much effect!

While this is true, we have to remember that our body also does its own job of clearing itself out. The main point of douching is simply to remove any chance of encountering faeces while having anal sex. Most of us aren’t going to be having anal sex every single day, so we don’t need to douche quite as often. If you do find yourself having tons of anal sex (and good on you), then feel free to douche more often.

How often you should use anal douche is a complicated question. More than anything else we just need to listen to our own bodies. You’ll know very quickly if something isn’t right, and if you start to feel a little off, try taking it a little easier with your douching. To make the most of anal sex, know how to prepare for it and what to do afterward.

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