Nipple Clamps: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps are pins which come in a variety of shapes and designs and are usually sold in pairs, often attached to one another by a chain or other decoration. They attach to the nipple and provide painful pleasure by applying pressure to the sensitive nipple and cutting off the flow of blood, which then flows quickly back to the area once the clamp is released. Nipple clamps are sex toys which are commonly found in bondage and discipline (BD) and sadism and masochism (SM) experience. Because they are considered extremely attractive to look at, they are also commonly seen in porn and at sex clubs or kink parties.

Why are nipple clamps used in sex?

Nipple clamps have become a beloved sex toy because they possess the ability to provide both pain and pleasure in a single experience. They stimulate the sensitive nipple by applying pressure, which is painful, but also feels amazing when the clamp is finally removed and blood and sensation return to the nipple. Add-ons such as chains create even more opportunities for pain-play, as they can be pulled, tugged or even twisted. Yet another benefit of nipple clamps is that they allow the chest / breast area to be stimulated while leaving your partner's hands free, so they can touch your pussy or cock while your nipples are held firmly in the clamps.

Do nipple clamps hurt?

Generally, yes. Nipple clamps are primarily used in pain-play and the fact that they are somewhat painful is generally considered to be one of their most attractive selling points. How painful nipple clamps will feel depends on how sensitive your nipples are, how long you keep them clamped, and whether they are paired with additional pain play such as spanking, whipping or choking. However, the pain is temporary and will almost always stop as soon as the nipple clamps are removed, without any major aftereffects.

Do nipple clamps feel good?

Absolutely! Nipple clamps are a toy which are capable of delivering extreme amounts of sexual pleasure. Practically no other toy can combine pain and pleasure as effectively and erotically as nipple clamps can. Men and women alike have reported that they are able to reach orgasm simply from wearing nipple clamps and having them tugged and played with! Even people who were not previously fans of nipple play have reported that wearing nipple clamps feels amazing and has introduced them to a whole new world of painful pleasure.

Will nipple clamps make my nipples go numb?

Usually, they will not. In most cases, while wearing nipple clamps, you will feel a constant rush of extreme, somewhat painful but ultimately orgasmic sexual pleasure, which will only be increased when the clamps are finally released. However, in a few rare cases, people have reported that their nipples have become tingly or numb after either wearing nipple clamps for an extremely long period of time (such as several hours consecutively without any break) or engaging in a higher than usual amount of rough nipple play, such as repeated pulling or twisting, using their clamps. If you find yourself experiencing any leftover numbness or tingling while using nipple clamps, give your nipples a break for a day or so before putting the clamps back on. You can also try a nice hot shower or bath to bring the sensation back into those numb nipples of yours!

Will nipple clamps make my nipples more sensitive?

This is not guaranteed to happen, but some people have indeed reported that their nipples become more sensitive after making nipple clamps a regular part of their sex life. They are more receptive to nipple play and begin to enjoy having their nipples played with more than ever before. Some people have even gone from saying that they are neutral about the concept of nipple play to being able to have an orgasm simply from having their nipples held tightly in clamps!

Will nipple clamps make my nipples less sensitive?

No, they will not. While nipple clamps can sometimes make your nipples more sensitive, as discussed above, it is not reported to have the opposite effect. While extended use may cause temporary numbness or a tingling sensation similar to a limb falling asleep, your nipples will generally remain as perky, sensitive and susceptible to both pain and pleasure as they have always been. Using nipple clamps will enhance your sexual experience and the intensity of your sexual play, not decrease it!

How can I tell if my nipples are an erogenous zone?

In most people, the nipples are at least somewhat of an erogenous zone. However, some people find their nipples to be only a little bit sensitive, while others feel an extreme amount of pleasure - often to the point of having an orgasm - simply from having their nipples played with. If you aren't sure which camp you fall into, take a little time to get acquainted with your nipples. While taking some alone time - such as during a bath or while pleasuring yourself - try stroking, tugging or pinching your nipples. Take time to experience the pleasurable reactions your body is feeling as you learn about what feels good for your unique nipples.

I don't think my nipples are erogenous. How do I make them an erogenous zone?

You can't change your nipples from borderline numb to orgasm-inducing overnight, but you can make them more sensitive by giving them a little extra focus and tender loving care during your pleasure time. Start adding nipple play to your masturbation sessions or times with your partner. Pair it with other things you find pleasurable, such as types of foreplay including manual or oral stimulation of the genitals. Once things have started feeling good, you can add in nipple clamps and start becoming accustomed to the dual pleasure and pain sensations which you will be experiencing.

I have really sensitive nipples. Can I use nipple clamps?

Yes! In fact, people with sensitive nipples typically get a lot of enjoyment out of nipple clamps, as the pleasure and pain they feel are both equally intense. However, if you are worried about your nipples being overly sensitive, you can start off with a looser pair of clamps or a pair with an adjustable tightness so that you do not overwhelm yourself and lose control too early. After a clamp session, don't forget to give your nipples some time to "breathe" and "relax" so that you do not end up totally overstimulated.

Who uses nipple clamps, men or women?

Both! Although erotic materials such as pornography typically portray women wearing nipple clamps and men pulling and tugging on them, people of all genders can enjoy pleasure from having their nipples pinched and squeezed. The nipples are a sensitive, erogenous zone for both men and women, and contain a high amount of nerve endings to be stimulated on all types of body.

Are nipple clamps pleasurable for men?

Yes! Many men tend to ignore their nipples and not consider them as a source of pleasure. However, male nipples are extremely sensitive, especially when paired with stimulation of the cock. Pinching your erect nipples with clamps while stroking your erect cock is an amazing whirlwind of dual sensation which will bring you to an explosive, breath-taking orgasm!

Are nipple clamps pleasurable for women?

Yes! Female nipples are extremely soft and sensitive, and can become erect as a result of stimulation. Women can enjoy having their breasts squeezed and caressed at the same time that their nipples are held tightly within a sexy pair of clamps. Nipple clamps are the perfect way for a woman's breasts to remain an active part of a pleasure session even if they are not being touched at all!

Can I use nipple clamps together with my partner?

Ab-so-LUTELY! Both you and your partner can enjoy having their nipples pulled and clenched and twisted at the same time. As an example, why not try both wearing nipple clamps that are attached by a chain, and pull on each other's chains while you are engaging in foreplay or penetration? You can even try pulling on each other's chains at the exact same time to hear what noises the both of you make while lost in the heights of pleasure!

How will nipple clamps improve my sex life with my partner?

Nipple clamps will improve your sex life because they allow you to stimulate the nipples without needing to use a hand - or even so much as a single finger - to do so. You can stimulate more parts of the body at once than ever before by attaching the clamps to your nipples and freeing up your hands and mouth to explore and wander wherever they may desire! Plus, nipple clamps can enhance the control dynamic between you and your partner, as you can experience feelings of unequaled power by tugging and twisting on the clamps to bring each other to the peak of absolute ecstasy.

Can I masturbate while wearing nipple clamps?

Of course, nipple clamps are not JUST useful for partnered activities. You can also attach the clamps for an extra-special self pleasure session. This lets you use both hands to touch other parts of your body while your nipples are tightly squeezed, mixing juuust a pinch of pain into your normal intense pleasure. Your orgasm will be more intense than ever before!

How can nipple clamps improve my masturbation?

Just like with partnered intimacy, masturbation is improved because your nipples will be constantly stimulated, freeing up both of your hands to pleasure yourself in other ways. If you're looking for an example just to get you started, women can use one hand to tease their clit while they finger their ass or pussy with the other, and men can stimulate their asshole or balls with one hand while stroking their cock with the other. Your newly freed hands can touch, tease, stroke and explore your own body in any number of ways - not to mention tugging and twisting to give those clamped-up nipples some attention!

Can I have an orgasm just from using nipple clamps?

Not every person will be able to have an orgasm using just nipple clamps, but, for most people, with a little patience and extra effort it is definitely possible! Choose a pair of nipple clamps attached by a chain, so that you have lots of opportunities for pulling and tugging at your sensitive nipples. Start out with a little gentle foreplay, caressing and teasing your nipples until they become erect. Then, attach the clamps and start to play! We recommend mixing up your motions, alternating pulling, tugging, twisting, gripping, and even tickling and teasing to give your nipples the ultimate orgasmic experience.

How do I use nipple clamps to help me have an orgasm?

Use nipple clamps to reach that ultimate combination of pain and pleasure which can tip you right over the edge into an ultra-intense orgasm. Pull them roughly, then release them and feel the tingling of pleasure. Cut off the blood flow to your nipples with a nice tight grip, and then let the blood rush back in by temporarily removing the clamp - only for a few moments, though, before it's right back to pinching and squeezing! The pain, pressure, and pleasure combined will add intensity to any orgasm that you have.

What is the difference between nipple clamps and nipple covers?

Nipple covers are generally considered a type of underwear rather than a sex toy, although they are certainly incredibly sexy and make an amazing tool to tease your partner with! They can attach to the nipple using a similar method to nipple clamps, but this is less common, as they most commonly rely on an adhesive. Nipple covers come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns, and are often glittery, sparkly and extremely appealing to the eye. They also often feature decorations such as tassels or bells.

What is the difference between nipple clamps and nipple pasties?

"Nipple pasties" is in fact another name for nipple covers. The term "pasties" specifically refers to the fact that they are usually applied to the nipple via an adhesive - that is to say, they are pasted on to your nipples. As mentioned above, they are often sparkly, colorful and highly decorated, although plainer ones which simply cover the nipple and hide it from view also exist. You can also sometimes purchase temporary nipple pasties, which can only be used once before being discarded. These temporary pasties are often used to hide the nipple when wearing a thin or revealing top.

What household objects can be used as nipple clamps?

Nothing is more effective at squeezing and putting pressure on your nipples than a set of Lovegasm nipple clamps! However, if you're getting impatient while waiting for your brand new nipple clamps to arrive, you can try experimenting with a few household alternatives. Anything which puts a safe, non-dangerous amount of pressure on your nipples is generally acceptable to use as a temporary nipple clamps. Some of the most common examples of materials used include clothespins, bag clips, and binder clips.

Can I make my own "DIY" nipple clamps?

As mentioned above, there are a few household objects which can be used as temporary nipple clamps. However, these "DIY" clips are not recommended for long term use, and should only be used for brief periods. Items such as clothespins and binder clips, being made from wood or plastic, are generally more fragile than Lovegasm nipple clamps, which are made from sturdy materials such as silicone and stainless steel.

Are nipple clamps safe?

Yes! Nipple clamps are carefully manufactured and tested to ensure that they are safe for human use. Although they do limit the blood flow to the nipple, they do not prevent it entirely and at the very most will cause a slight tingling sensation after the nipple clamps have been removed. However, it is recommended that you remove your nipple clamps occasionally if you are experimenting with extended use. You can keep your nipple clamps on all day if you prefer to do so - as long as you pause every so often to give you nipples a few minutes to "breathe"!

How do you put on nipple clamps?

Attaching nipple clamps is an extremely simple process. For most clamp designs, all you will need to do is gently squeeze the "handles" of each clamp so that it opens, creating a gap large enough for your erect nipple to fit inside. Position the two sides of the clamp over your nipple, and then slowly release until you begin to feel the pressure and squeezing sensation. If necessary, adjust the tightness of the clamp until your nipples are comfortable but still feeling a good amount of pressure and pain. If you are using a suction nipple clamp rather than a standard "clip-shaped" one, instead press it firmly over your areola and hold it there for a few seconds until it adheres to your nipple and remains there after you remove your hands.

How do you take off nipple clamps?

For clip-shaped nipple clamps, they can be removed using the same method with which they were put on. Loosen the nipple clamp slightly to make removal even easier. Gently squeeze the two "handles" of each clamp between your fingers until it releases your nipple. On the other hand, suction-based nipple clamps may take a slightly longer time to remove, as you need to "break the seal" between the skin of your areola and the material of the cover. Gently run your finger around the edge of the clamp, inserting your fingernail into the gap between nipple and nipple cover. This will allow you to gently pry the nipple clamp away from your skin. After removing your nipple clamps, if you feel any numbness or tingling, make sure to rub your nipples a little bit to help restore feeling to the area.

Will my nipple clamps fall off?

No! Nipple clamps attach extremely securely to the nipple, and will generally not fall off even if you are engaging in vigorous activity. You can run, jump, dance and, of course, engage in extremely vigorous sexual activity with your partner without having to worry about your nipple clamps becoming dislodged! The only exceptions are suction-based nipple clamps, which may become loose if you are extremely sweaty or otherwise wet or damp. Avoid any potential mishaps by checking the tightness and integrity of the seal regularly and keeping your covered nipples dry!

Will my nipple clamps get stuck?

This is another extremely unlikely situation. Nipple clamps are extremely sturdy, but they are also designed with easy release in mind. Most nipple clamps will come undone with nothing more than a simple loosening, followed by a squeeze and tug on the two "ends" or "handles" of the clamp. If your nipple clamp does get stuck, usually a simple decrease of its tightness level will be more than enough to remove it.

What do I do if I can't get my nipple clamps to come off?

If this does happen to you, don't panic! First, if your nipple clamp features adjustable tightness, move it to its loosest possible setting. In most cases, this will be enough to cause the clamp to release and free your nipple. However, if it still stays stuck, try using a little bit of lubricant - always a store bought sexual lubricant, not a "DIY" alternative such as shampoo, lotion or vegetable oil - to loosen the grip of the nipple clamp even further.

How long can I safely wear nipple clamps?

Quite a long time, in fact! Many fans of intense sensations and pain-play find that they enjoy wearing their nipple clamps for several hours at a time - perhaps even all day or all night! If you are planning on experimenting with extended use; however, make sure to take a couple breaks throughout the day to let your nipples "breathe" and rub some sensation back into them before putting the clamps back on.

Can I wear nipple clamps in public?

Like so much else relating to nipple clamps, this is an extremely personal decision, with the only true answer to this question being "it depends on your comfort level". If you enjoy the feeling of long-term nipple clamp wear, and do not mind the slightly exhibitionist element of the outline of your clamps possibly being able to be seen underneath your top, then by all means, go ahead! As long as you are adhering to local public decency laws and are wearing clothes on top, there's absolutely no problem. Wearing nipple clamps in public is an extremely sexy experience, especially if you have to pretend like nothing is going on while going about your normal day while that painful, pinching pleasurable pressure just simply does not let up!

Can nipple clamps be seen under clothing?

This will depend on the nipple clamp! Larger and more decorative nipple clamps may be visible underneath your clothing, while more discreet options such as flatter or plainer nipple clamps (as well as most nipple covers or pasties) can be safely hidden. Of course, it will also depend on the outfit which you are wearing - if you layer up or put on a nice thick coat, even the most prominent of nipple clamps can be safely hidden as you go about your day. Just make sure to check yourself in the mirror before going out to see whether your clamps are visible or if they are safely tucked away!

Can I wear nipple clamps if I have nipple piercings?

Once again, this is an extremely personal question, and the answer will vary depending on your unique situation. Some smaller and less obtrusive nipple piercings may be able to pair perfectly with nipple clamps, while other, larger ones, such as barbells, will interfere with the nipple clamp and will make wearing them difficult, uncomfortable, or even borderline impossible. However, if you have pierced nipples and would like to try out nipple clamps, you can remove the piercing and clamp up on your naked nipple!

Can I wear nipple clamps while I am menstruating?

Absolutely! There is absolutely no reason why nipple clamps cannot be used while you are on your period. Some women may find that their nipples are more sensitive during menstruation - as well as the few days just before and/or just after. If you find yourself in that situation, try using slightly looser nipple clamps than usual in order to accommodate for increased sensitivity and more intense sensations.

Can I wear nipple clamps while I am pregnant?

Both medical and sexual experts have determined that it is safe to use certain sex toys and engage in light, low-impact BDSM play during the first trimester of pregnancy. Acceptable toys and tools include lightweight bondage materials such as scarves and silk ropes, sensual massage oils, blindfolds and gags, and - yes, it's true! - nipple clamps. However, keep in mind that every woman's body experiences different changes during pregnancy, and you may find your nipples become sore and swollen or yourself generally losing interest in breast play. The true answer to this question is "listen to your body" - if you feel comfortable using nipple clamps, then you may do so during the first trimester. Once you have moved into the second trimester of pregnancy, nipple clamps and other toys should generally be avoided in order to prevent lingering soreness or bruising.

Is it true that nipple clamps can help with delivery?

This rumor has been going around the Internet for quite a while now - but, as it turns out, it is far more than just an old wives' tale! Doctors and midwives alike are supporting nipple stimulation as a beneficial, helpful action which can make labor go more quickly and be less painful for the woman. Many people are being encouraged to rub and tug on their partner's nipples during labor, in order to stimulate blood flow throughout the entire body. With the approval of your doctor or other birthing professional, you can certainly use nipple clamps to provide this necessary stimulation - though the partner should still stick around to lend a helping hand!

How long after childbirth should I wait to wear nipple clamps?

Once again, there is no perfect answer - the answer to this question is "whenever your body feels ready". Many women report feeling extremely "touched out" and uninterested in breast play for the first weeks and months after giving birth, due to the amount of time spent breastfeeding. In this situation, you may want to wait until you - and your breasts! - are feeling better before breaking out the nipple clamps once again.

Are there any other times when I should avoid wearing nipple clamps?

If you experience any injury to your breast or nipple, you should avoid wearing nipple clamps until it has healed. While nipple clamps are completely safe and will not cause any injury to the wearer, they are sometimes capable of irritating or worsening existing cuts, bruises or sores. Additionally, you should not wear nipple clamps for several weeks immediately after having your nipples pierced, in order to ensure that the piercing site heals properly and quickly.

Can people who wear nipple clamps still produce breastmilk / breastfeed?

Definitely! There is no connection between nipple clamps and breast milk production whatsoever. Nipple clamps do not permanently affect the breasts in any way, and your milk flow will still be strong and regular. So don't worry, women - you can be both a loving nursing mother AND a kinky vixen who maintains an active sex life with her partner! You don't have to give up on the fun, playful elements of your sex life just because you now bear the label of "mom".

Will wearing nipple clamps affect my breast milk production?

Not in the slightest! Nipple clamps do not affect the breast permanently in any way - their only effect is to temporarily restrict the flow of blood in that area in order to provide painful and pleasurable stimulation. Women who regularly use nipple clamps will still be able to produce breast milk. However, you should wait several minutes between removing your nipple clamps and breastfeeding your baby, as it can take a little bit of time for regular blood flow to return to the area. Once any tingling sensation in your nipples has stopped, you are good to go!

What materials are nipple clamps made out of?

"Standard" clip-shaped nipple clamps (including the chains which often connect them) are made from metal, typically stainless steel, with soft rubber coverings on both ends of the clamp, both so that they feel more comfortable against your nipple and so that you can more easily grip and squeeze them with your hands during application and removal. Stainless steel is generally chosen because it is safe, hygienic, and extremely easy to clean. However, suction-based nipple clamps, covers and pasties are often made almost entirely from silicone or soft rubber, while covers or pasties may also feature cloth or fabric decorations such as sequins or tassels.

What color nipple clamps are available?

Despite initially seeming like an incredibly simple, plain-looking toy, nipple clamps are in fact available in a multitude of different colors. For example, here at Lovegasm, even our "standard" clip-shaped clamps are available in vibrant red, dynamic black and sparkling silver, with decorations in a wide array of gleaming blues, greens, pinks and purple. The range of colors available for nipple covers and pasties is even wider - the only limit here is your imagination!

What nipple clamp designs are available?

The Lovegasm nipple clamps catalog features a stunning collection of nipple-tingling designs. From clips to rings, covers to clovers, bells and butterflies, you can find absolutely any nipple clamp you desire right here at Lovegasm! And, of course, if you can't decide which one to choose, why not pick out several - or even all of them? It's always time to try out something new and fun in the bedroom!

Why do some nipple clamps have bells, tassels or other accessories on them?

Because it's sexy, of course! Add-ons such as bells, tassels, or adorable dangling fruits draw everyone's attention to your pert, perky nipples! They move, sway and ring as you dance and jump around, or even just as you writhe in pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy. Whether you're at the club, on the dance floor or just having a private moment in the bedroom with your partner, your chest - and especially your nipples - will absolutely be the center of attention!

Which color/design/style of nipple clamps should I choose?

Whichever one you want! Take a look through our catalog and pick out a pair - or several! - of clamps which you are interested in trying. If you're new to the fascinating world of nipple clamps and are not quite sure where to start, we recommend a pair of rubber-tipped metal nipple clamps in the classic "clip" or "alligator" design attached by a chain. These are a perfect way to get adjusted to the feeling of wearing nipple clamps and to experiment with all of the wonderful, sexy things you can do with them!

How do "clip-style" (alligator) nipple clamps work?

"Standard" or "clip-style" nipple clamps, sometimes known by their technical name of "alligator clamps," feature an extremely simple design which functions entirely using the power of pressure! They clench around your nipples similar to a clothespin or binder clip does when it is securely fastened. They provide a consistent, strong amount of pressure - although, nowadays, many nipple clamps in this style feature the ability to adjust the tightness of your clamps, so that you can experiment with different amounts of pain and pleasure.

What do "clip-style" (alligator) nipple clamps feel like?

These clamps hold your nipples in a firm grip which is absolutely impossible to ignore as it brings you to an intense, toe-curling orgasm. They provide a steady, extremely intense pressure, which can be slowly adjusted to provide you with different amounts of pain and pleasure as your nipple clamp session progresses. Classic "clip-style" clamps clamps definitely leave your nipples pink, puffy, and pulsing with pure pleasure!

How do nipple screws work?

Nipple screws are a unique type of nipple clamp which were initially designed to give people who do not have pierced nipples a sexy "faux-piercing look" which adds a visually stunning new layer to nipple clamp play. They are typically circular in shape, rather than oblong or cylinder-shaped like "clip-style" clamps. The clamp features three to four screws which can be gradually tightened, surrounding the nipple with pressure from above, below, and all sides. Your nipple will be absolutely encircled in that pleasurable, one-of-a-kind squeezing sensation.

What do nipple screws feel like?

Nipple screws generally provide a firmer, more even pressure than standard clamps, as they are squeezing your nipple from four directions simultaneously. Because screws are very easily adjustable, they can be loose, tight, or somewhere in between depending on your personal preference. Fans of pain-play will also enjoy the fact that the screw tips are generally pure metal rather than rubber-coated, meaning that they can poke directly into the nipple if an extremely tight pressure setting is used.

How do suction nipple clamps work?

Suction nipple clamps are a unique model which, rather than attaching to the sides of the nipple, surround it with a rubber or silicone "cup". When the cup is placed firmly against the areola, a suction effect is created which holds the nipple firmly in place and provides snug, all-encompassing pressure. Because the suction cup sizes are generally less adjustable than clips or screws, many suction nipple clamps come in sets with a variety of sizes available. Because they cover a large surface area of the nipple, suction clamps are also frequently paired with add-ons such as vibrating or electric shock capabilities.

What do suction nipple clamps feel like?

If you've ever pressed a suction cup directly against your skin until it leaves a red, ring-shaped mark against your flesh, well, a suction nipple clamp feels pretty much just like that - only a lot more intense, because it's being attached to such a sensitive part of your body! The pressure provided by a suction clamp has been described by satisfied customers as "pulling" "tugging" and even "embracing". Your entire nipple will feel hopelessly trapped with no escape - completely surrounded by pain and pleasure!

How do vibrating nipple clamps work?

Vibrating nipple clamps come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from clip to suction to unique silicone or rubber rings. They are typically attached to a small motor which provides pleasurable vibrations that run through the nipple and breast, effectively turning your nipple clamps into a pair of mini-vibrators! This intensifies the pleasure which you experience, making the dual interplay of painful and pleasurable sensations more drastic a contrast than ever before. Today, some nipple clamps even feature multiple adjustable vibration levels so that you can customize your pleasure!

What do vibrating nipple clamps feel like?

Absolutely amazing! If you like to use a vibrator on your cock or clit or inside your pussy or asshole, then you know all about how amazing those little rumbling sensations feel as they run up and down your body. Have you ever tried placing a vibrator directly on the tip of your nipple? It has been described as feeling like "shocks of pleasure running through your entire body". That's exactly the sensation which a vibrating nipple clamp provides. It makes everything, from pain to pleasure, at least ten times more intense!

How do I charge my vibrating nipple clamps?

Some vibrating nipple clamps are rechargeable, and will come with a small charging cable similar to those packaged with a bullet vibrator. These can be charged simply by plugging them into any compatible outlet and waiting for a few hours. Others are battery-operated, and run using small watch-style batteries which can be purchased and replaced whenever the charge runs out.

What do I do if my vibrating nipple clamps stop working?

First, check the battery or charging mechanism. In most cases, a fresh battery or a few hours spent plugged in will leave your clamps happily buzzing as good as new! If this does not fix the problem, give your nipple clamp a thorough cleaning and make sure that it is dry and no water, sweat, or dirt has clogged up the vibrating mechanism. If all of these steps have been followed and your clamps still refuse to vibrate, it's time to browse through our extensive catalog and treat yourself to a brand new pair - or several!

What are electric nipple clamps?

If you want to take things up a notch and go for something even more intense than vibration, then electric nipple clamps are perfect for you! Unique rubber-tipped clamps deliver electric shocks to the very tips of your nipples. Most feature either an attached button or separate remote which allows either you or your partner to control the frequency and intensity of the shocks which are being delivered. These clamps lean a little more towards the "pain" side of pain and pleasure, while still delivering a perfect mix which is every nipple stimulation lover's dream.

Are electric nipple clamps safe?

Yes, they are! The amount of electricity delivered to your body by each shock is extremely small, and has been compared to the static shock you sometimes receive when crossing a carpet in winter. The shocks are not at all dangerous and will not cause any damage to the human body. However, it is still recommended that you keep your electric nipple clamp sessions short, and do not wear them all day as you might do with more standard clamps, as too-frequent shocks may leave your nipples feeling numb and tingling for a short amount of time following removal.

What do electric nipple clamps feel like?

To be blunt, they feel downright amazing! The painful shocks combine with the pleasure of the tight, squeezing pressure to send your mind and body into an absolutely blissed-out, orgasmic state! What makes electric nipple clamps especially wonderful is that your partner can control them using a button or remote, meaning that the shocks will be random and you will not be expecting them, allowing you to enjoy that extra spike of pleasure which comes with being totally surprised!

How do I charge my electric nipple clamps?

Similarly to vibrating nipple clamps, electric clamps are divided into two categories. Some are powered by a charging cable, which can be plugged in to most outlets and left to charge over a few hours. The others use batteries, typically small watch-style batteries, which can be purchased and replaced when needed, immediately restoring your clamp to its full "shocking" capability.

What do I do if my electric nipple clamps stop working?

If your electric nipple clamps stop working, the cause is probably one of two things: it is out of battery/charge, or water, dirt or grime have clogged the mechanism which is used to deliver the electric shocks. If your clamps stop working, first things first, charge them fully or replace the battery. If that doesn't solve the problem, give your clamp a thorough cleaning, making sure to pay special attention to the electric components. If neither of these solutions work, it may be time to invest in a brand new pair of nipple clamps for you and your partner to enjoy!

Can you attach weights to your nipple clamps?

Yes! Adding weights to your nipple clamps is a common strategy used to intensify the "pain" aspect of the pain and pleasure combination provided by these exciting toys. The weights move the pressure in a downward direction, adding a "tugging" and "pulling" sensation to the usual "pressing" which a set of nipple clamps provide. It also gives a very sexy image for your partner to enjoy as the two of you play, as they will see your nipples getting stretched and tugged with every single motion.

What happens when you add weight to your nipple clamp?

The addition of weights causes your nipple clamps to drag downwards, rather than sticking straight out. This means that your nipples, in turn, get pulled downward, creating a painful pulling sensation as they stretch. (This effect is not permanent, and your nipples will immediately return to their original shape after the weighted clamps have been removed). The pain you experience will generally be stronger than if you are wearing non-weighted clamps, so it is recommended that you keep your sessions shorter at first as you are getting used to the unique feelings.

How much weight can you add to your nipple clamp?

We recommend only using weights sold by a dedicated sex toy vendor, such as Lovegasm, to attach to your nipple clamps. These are made from health-safe, body-safe materials and are produced only in carefully regulated weight amounts so that you do not overload your nipples. Some clamps feature a single solid weight which attaches to each clamp, while others feature small magnetic discs so that weight can be gradually added as your play sessions go on. Generally, most nipple clamp weights sold by Lovegasm max out at approximately 0.5 pounds, while heavier clamps designed for more extreme fetish play can be up to 0.75 pounds or even nearly a pound each.

Can you add your own "DIY" weights to your nipple clamps?

No, this is not recommended. If you wish to experiment with adding weight during your nipple play sessions, you should purchase a pair of weighted clamps or separate attachable weights from our Lovegasm catalog. The reason for this is that "DIY" weights are much more difficult to regulate, meaning that it is easier to accidentally use a weight which is far too heavy for your nipple to stand, or to unbalance your nipples by putting much more weight on one than the other.

What nipple clamps are best for beginners?

Standard "clip," also called alligator-style nipple clamps are generally recommended for beginners. They are simple to use, easy to put on and remove, and serve as an excellent introduction to the sensations and experiences provided by nipple clamps. If you want to start out with something even a little less intense than that, you can also give "tweezer-style" nipple clamps a try. Tweezer clamps are slightly smaller than alligator clamps but feature a similar design, and usually provide less pain and pressure. Lastly, if you are not quite sure you are into the extreme pain part of nipple play, you could start with a pair of suction nipple clamps. The smooth sensation they provide is also a wonderful introduction to nipple-centered foreplay!

What are clover nipple clamps?

Clover-style nipple clamps are an elegant model originating in Japan, designed both for their uniquely aesthetic appeal and for experienced BDSM and pain-play fans. They are made from pure metal such as stainless steel, and usually do not feature rubber tips like alligator or "clip" clamps do. Clover clamps are specifically designed to provide an even tighter, more painful squeeze on both sides of your nipples, and are generally non-adjustable. Most clover clamps are attached to a chain to complete their gorgeous aesthetic, and can grow even tighter and more intense when you or your partner tugs on the chain.

What are butterfly nipple clamps?

Butterfly nipple clamps are another name for clover nipple clamps, especially those which are not fastened together by a chain. They primarily focus on aesthetic appeal - hence the name "butterfly," invoking a beautiful, fluttering vision - and often feature bright, colorful decorations such as feathers, bells or chimes.

What nipple clamps are best for experienced nipple clamp users?

Clover or butterfly nipple clamps are generally recommended for experienced users who want something truly intense out of their nipple clamp purchase. They provide tight pressure and sharp pain from the moment they clamp down around your nipples, and can be tightened even further with a few well-placed tugs and twists. If you've been using nipple clamps for a while and are looking to try out something new, nothing is more recommended than a gorgeous set of stainless steel clover clips - and don't forget the chain!

What nipple clamps are best for men?

Although nipple clamps are generally associated with women, they can be used by men. Men, too, can enjoy and be pleasured by nipple stimulation. Men can use any type of nipple clamp they desire, and are encouraged to try out anything which catches their eye. However, because men often have smaller nipples and less prominent chest / breast areas, many enjoy tweezer or butterfly clamps because they are generally more delicate and easier to attach to a smaller surface area.

What nipple clamps are best for women?

Just like men, women are capable of enjoying all sorts of nipple clamps and are encouraged to try out any nipple clamps in our catalog which they find interesting. However, if you are a woman looking for a recommendation, why not try out a pair of clamps with a decoration such as a bell or tassel? Because women tend to have larger, more prominent breasts, these accessories provide a sexy, eye-catching image as the added decorations will shake, jiggle and wiggle with every move you make! Suction nipple clamps are also a great time, as they encompass your entire, extremely sensitive areola and embrace your breast tightly.

Why do some nipple clamps have a chain attached to them? How is this chain used?

The chain which connects some sets of nipple clamps to one another is used to add a unique layer of pleasure and pain to your play, as well as allow one partner to experience control over the other during dominance and submission play. Tugging on the chain will pull the clamps more tightly and stretch the nipples even further, providing additional shocks of pain in random, unexpected patterns. The dominant partner can also use the chain as a control mechanism, forcing their partner to move around the room or fall to their knees with sharp tugs or twists of the chain in the desired direction.

Why should you use nipple clamps with a chain?

Nipple clamp fans consider chains to be one of the most practical and aesthetically beautiful additions which you can make to your sexy clothing or bondage gear collection. They are beautiful to look at as they sway back and forth with your every movement - not to mention, the symbolism of a chain instantly makes you think of bondage, control, and ownership as you literally become your partner's "prisoner" bound up in beautiful chains. Add that to the intense pain and pleasure it provides, as mentioned above, and a chain truly adds so many layers to your nipple clamp experience! And they're extremely practical too - chained nipple clamps can be attached to almost any other piece of clothing or accessory which you could think of!

Can you attach nipple clamps to handcuffs?

Yes! Clip the chain of your nipple clamps and the chain of your handcuffs together to create a unique, impossible to escape bondage situation. The pairing of handcuffs and nipple clamps is often used in scenarios featuring "predicament bondage" - the idea that, if you move your cuffed hands too much, your clamps will begin to tug and pull on your nipples. The idea is that you and your endurance are the only thing standing between yourself and extreme pain. Your partner can watch you squirm and moan in utter ecstasy with this lovely little setup!

Can you attach nipple clamps to a collar or ball gag?

Of course! Another fun setup is to attach a chain which connects your nipple clamps with a collar or a ball gag. This provides an opportunity for lots of pain-play, as you will be forced to remain in certain positions or otherwise risk pulling and stretching your nipples upward or tugging on your collar and adding choking pressure around your neck. Our extensive Lovegasm catalog even offers combined products which feature chains pre-linked between gorgeous stainless steel nipple clamps and sexy leather ball gags and collars.

Are nipple clamps connected to BDSM?

Yes. Because of their ability to cause pain and pleasure at once, nipple clamps are a common fixture within the BDSM scene. (BDSM is a multipurpose acronym which stands for bondage, discipline/dominance, submission/sadism and masochism, and refers to relationships which usually feature control, strict roles and pain as key elements). If you go to a fetish club or event, you are almost certain to see at least a couple of people wearing nipple clamps. Because they are easy to put on and use, they are also recommended as a beginner toy for someone who is just starting to get into BDSM and trying out its dynamics for the first time.

I'm a Dom. How can I add nipple clamps into my play?

By making your obedient sub wear them, of course! Depending on whether or not your sub enjoys pain, having her or his nipples tightly clamped could be either a reward or a punishment. If you're looking for a unique way to include them in your lifestyle, command your sub to walk around the house or even perform chores while still wearing their nipple clamps. Alternately, have them perform a sexy dance for you so you can watch those clamps jiggle and shake!

I'm a sub. How can I add nipple clamps into my play?

Bring up the idea of incorporating nipple clamps into your sex life to your Dom. Of course, it is ultimately the Dom's decision, but a good Dom will genuinely be open to listening to new ideas which their sub has. Then, whether or not you get to wear the clamps will depend on whether you're being very, very good - or very, very bad! If you're looking for a way to take some initiative and please your Dom, why not surprise them by wearing nipple clamps under your clothes and then stripping for them once you two are alone?

What kind of scene is good to use nipple clamps with?

Nipple clamps can easily be incorporated into any role play or scenario which you could possibly think of. However, if you aren't sure where to get started, here are some ideas to consider: an exotic dancer shaking their clamped nipples on stage, a prisoner held in their Master's dungeon, or a misbehaving maid or butler forced to clean the entire house before they are finally allowed to remove their clamps. Truly, nipple clamps are extremely versatile, and there isn't any scene where they WOULDN'T add a little bit of painful, pleasurable spice. So go wild - your imagination is the only limit!

What other BDSM toys and accessories go well with nipple clamps?

Anything used for pain-play on a different part of the body of course pairs very well with nipple clamps. Examples include crops and whips, genital clamps, weights and stretches, cock and ball rings, and extra-large butt plugs which push your hole to its absolute limit. Additionally, because they are extremely appealing to look at and watch, nipple clamps pair very well with "bondage gear" - sexual clothing items made from leather, lace and metal, such as collars, boots, stockings, gloves, harnesses and more.

Can I use nipple clamps without being into BDSM?

Yes! Although nipple clamps are enjoyed by practitioners of BDSM, you can absolutely enjoy nipple clamps without having interest in any other elements of the lifestyle. Nipple clamps are meant for anyone who likes having their own nipples stimulated with a little bit of mixed pleasure and pain, as well as anyone who imagines doing the same to their partner as they watch them squirm their way to orgasm. Nipples clamps are for anybody, and are enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, sexualities, and sexual interests all over the world!

I like sexy dancing. Can I use nipple clamps to spice it up?

Can you ever! One of the most popular uses of nipple clamps is to wear them while doing a sexy dance, such as a lap dance, pole dance, or strip or burlesque routine. Nipple clamps enhance dances because they draw focus to the breasts, and, in particular, the movement of the breasts which occurs while performing various dance steps. Breasts moving and jiggling up and down is extremely arousing to watch in pretty much any scenario, and nipple clamps just make it even more sexy and exciting!

How do you clean your nipple clamps?

Like the majority of sex toys made from stainless steel and silicone, nipple clamps can be effectively cleaned using a combination of hot water and gentle, unscented antibacterial cleanser. Douse the clamp fully in hot water for several minutes and scrub it gently. Make sure to focus on delicate areas such as the gaps in a clover clip, as those are the places where dirt and sweat can build up after vigorous clamping. Dry the clamp thoroughly before using it again, as leftover water can make the clamp less comfortable on your already sensitive nipples. (Keep in mind that, if your nipple clamps feature any add-ons made from thread or fabric, such as tassels, those should be removed and cleaned separately by dabbing them gently rather than fully immersing them in water.)

How often should you clean your nipple clamps?

It is recommended that you clean your nipple clamps no less frequently than after every three uses. This is because the positioning of nipple clamps means that they are a prime target for catching sweat, which can build up in the cracks and gaps of the clamp and leave an uncomfortable smell in its wake. If at any point during use your nipple clamps come in contact with lubricant or bodily fluids such as saliva or semen, they should be cleaned immediately upon removal.

Are there different cleaning methods for different types of nipple clamps?

The majority of nipple clamps - including tweezer, clip/alligator, clover and butterfly styles - can be cleaned using the methods described above. The two exceptions are vibrating/electric nipple clamps and suction nipple clamps. Because they contain small mechanical parts, electric and vibrating nipple clamps should never be sunk fully in water, and instead should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth, ideally with the batteries removed. You should make sure each and every part is dry before turning the clamp's vibration or electrical setting back on again. Suction nipple clamps can be cleaned with soap and water, but should ideally be cleaned after every single use, because the suction effect automatically leads to the buildup of sweat in the nipple area.

How do you clean your nipple clamp chain?

Because these chains are also made from metal, they can be cleaned in the same method as standard nipple clamps described above. They can be submerged in hot water in order to sterilize them and remove any lingering bacteria, and can also be safely cleaned using gentle unscented cleaners, ideally those without harsh chemical components.

What do I do if my chain breaks?

If the chain connecting your nipple clamps breaks, then it is time to replace it immediately. You should never wear your clamps in that state, as the broken ends of the chain can swing around and potentially cut you or your partner during vigorous play. Make sure that all of the broken pieces of the chain are removed and properly disposed of as soon as possible.

Can I replace the chain on my nipple clamps?

Most nipple clamps connected by chains can indeed have their chains replaced by ones of a similar length and material (typically stainless steel). Always make sure that your replacement chain is carefully fastened with no potentially damaging dangling ends, and also that the length is short enough to tug and pull on your nipples but long enough to allow you to move around freely without causing constant extreme pain. However, replacing a chain can be a bit of a pain, so why not see this "setback" as an opportunity and treat yourself to a brand new set of nipple clamps from the extensive, affordable Lovegasm catalog?

What do I do if my nipple clamps break?

If your nipple clamps break, it is most likely time to replace them. Repairing nipple clamps can be a difficult, tedious process because they contain a number of small parts such as screws or individual links of chain. Unless the damage is completely cosmetic (such as a torn tassel,) dispose of the broken pieces of clamp and do not continue using it. Take the time to browse through the Lovegasm catalog and choose a pair - or several - to replace them. We promise you'll fall just as much in love with your brand new nipple clamps as you did with your old favorite!

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