How Can Women Use Male Sex Toys?

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The truth is that women are much more relaxed about using sex gadgets than men are. We could attribute that to the fact that men may view dildos and vibrators as a potential threat to their masculinity. There is also the need for self-sufficiency that deprives most guys of freedom to experiment and explore.

However, male sex toys are very fun and rewarding, so they’re a territory worth exploring even for women. So for all the ladies that are not timid about what they desire, let’s check out how they can use male sex toys.

Why Do Women Think Some Toys for Men Are Creepy?

Unfortunately, for a long time, men that used sex toys were considered to be perverts. Maybe that’s why your regular Joes will safely hide away their gadgets and only play when they are alone.

However, spicing up the sex life will only work if both partners get the chance to express their desires. Thus, it is very important to ditch the idea of the creepy man playing with his creepy toys. Masturbation can become pretty monotonous when you reach a certain age. That is probably why vibrators became such a best-seller.

If we follow the same logic, men also need something to make the solo action more fun. Getting to know how male toys work can provide some great ideas on how to incorporate them into the act of love-making.

When you think about it, men may think that female toys are weird or scary. The best thing is to open your mind and try to figure out how to enjoy things. You may discover that “creepy” is actually quite stimulating.

Another important fact is that guys are much more sensitive than you think. Most of their confidence comes from the way women view them, so if you happen to declare that something is weird, they will do their best never to reveal that it arouses them.

But, life is short, and none of us should waste time on insecurities and false morality. There are too many things to stress about every day. So, we all need that mind-blowing orgasm to help us release the tension and face the daily adversities with a smile.

All Sex Toys Are Equal

In the world of sexual positivity, which we are lucky enough to inhabit, experts advise us to be open about our desires. And they are right. No one can enjoy sex and give pleasure to their partner until they get to know their own body and discover what arouses them.

Women benefited immensely from this idea. Vibrators, dildos, and other toys helped a lot in the sexual liberation of women. Masturbation stopped being a taboo and became desirable and fun.

On the other hand, men stayed pretty much on the conservative side, still relying on their own two hands when masturbating. At least what most men would say. Unfortunately, guys tend to lie about how they masturbate.

Lately, the numbers have been telling a different story as the sales of male gadgets is not that low. We should not be freaked out by this information because using sex toys is a sign that we are considerate and adventurous. And those are the best traits when it comes to making love.

The more we learn about our desires, the more we are willing to participate in those of our partners. People that understand and accept their bodies are better lovers, and what better way to get to know our sexuality than through masturbation?

After all, that is how we discover it. Nonetheless, we should be aware that it is a fluid category that we can develop and study all the time. Masturbation is not only for teenagers and losers. Moreover, it’s a legitimate way to enjoy our bodies regardless of our age and gender.

So, don’t be afraid if your partner masturbates. In fact, it’s even better if he uses sex toys in his solo play. That only means that he can bring versatility to the bedroom.

Bring Out the Toys

In case you are wondering what toys may be interesting during the couple play, the best thing is to get to know some of the popular items that men like to use. Even though some may appear like a boy thing only, trust us — they can spice up the action. Let’s peep into the world of sex toys for men!

Cock Ring

This one is a fascinating little gadget that essentially helps keep the erection hard and long-lasting. Cock rings come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, so your partner may own more than one.

These rings can make the penis look better, and if you get a leather one, it may even bring in an element of kink. When wearing the ring, men may feel more confident as they can be sure that their penis will stay stiff. And confidence is a big turn-on.

Prostate Massagers

Believe it or not, men have a G-spot too, and it’s the prostate! For some mind-blowing orgasms and overall excitement, prostate play is the best possible thing. Your guy can deliver his best performance while wearing a male G-spot stimulator during intercourse.

You can also use it during foreplay to increase the excitement. In any case, prostate massagers will make your man horny as hell.

Masturbation Sleeves (aka Pocket Pussies)

Sure, these things have a disgusting nickname, but they can be pretty fun. First of all, almost all guys like to be jerked off by a woman. There is something extremely exciting when your partner helps you masturbate.

If you were unaware of this, try it out with your partner, and you will be surprised. To make the whole thing a bit more fun, the lady can use a masturbation sleeve on her partner. It can definitely make things a bit kinkier.

Your Toy for Your Boy

Even the "female" gadgets can be exciting for men. Vibrators can stimulate the scrotum and perineum, and you may use it to explore other erogenous zones on your partner’s body.

On the other hand, if you would like to try a more dominant role and your partner is not afraid to be the recipient of penetrative sex, you can use a buttplug or a strapon dildo to engage in some roleplay. Both men and women always wonder what’s it like for the other sex, so give it a go.

Sensitive Matter

If you think that your partner wouldn’t be so open-minded as to try any of the above, you may want to guess again. We all want to feel good, and we all enjoy a bit of novelty.

However, your approach has to be diplomatic. As we said, the male ego is fragile, and your guy can feel insecure or inadequate if you dash in with a huge strapon dildo and tell him to get down on all fours.

So, try to explain that the change will be exciting and beneficial for both of you. Make sure you are honest about your desires but also interested in what makes him tick. Sex is a joint venture, and both of you should be comfortable and relaxed with what’s happening.


In the end, our advice is to go slow and be tolerant. Once you start experimenting together, you will discover that there is always something new and arousing to try and enjoy. He may surprise you and you may surprise him but your time together will be much more rewarding.

When it comes to sex toys, don’t get too concerned with gender. Female or male, sex toys are to be used for the maximum pleasure of both partners. Choose the ones that make you happy regardless of what it says on the label.

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