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Sex Toys 101: A Basic Guide Made For You

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that the country that ranks the highest in terms of sex toy searches is Denmark?

Just like the Danes, it seems that people all over the world love looking for stuff related to sex toys.

With all the information on the interwebs, it can get pretty overwhelming for those who don’t really know the specifics.

To make life a little easier for everyone, we are here to serve you everything you need to know about sex toys without the need to scour the Internet for all the info you need!

An Introduction To Sex Toys

When we think of sex toys, there are probably a hundred things coming to mind at the same time which can be both good and bad.

With that said, it would be so much easier if there's a one-stop shop full of important information about sex toys that you can refer to.

Before we introduce you to the various sex toys, we figured we should also focus on the reasons why you should not be scared to purchase and to try using these sex toys.

You Should Use Sex Toys Because…

There are so many good reasons why you should consider adding sex toys to your solo or couples play.

At first, you might probably feel a little shy or ashamed but believe us when we tell you that once you experience the great pleasures that these sex toys can bring, your sex life will never be the same again!

  • Takes Pressure Off: Whenever couples get together, the pressure to orgasm is strong. By incorporating a toy or two in the bedroom, it will help with achieving orgasms that you thought you would never have
  • Multiple Orgasms: Do you know what is better than an orgasm? The answer is multiple orgasms! Now it’s even more possible to achieve this feat with the help of battery operated toys!
  • Be a Sexual Explorer: You would probably surprise yourself with new and exciting stuff that you will be learning and achieving once you add sex toys to the mix! Imagine the exhilarating discoveries about your sexual prowess that you will be making.
  • Fight Stigma and Bring Fantasies to Life: Whether we admit it or not, there is still some stigma attached to sexual activities such as using sex toys. Ignore what the naysayers say and get yourself and your partner the sex toy of your dreams! Once you've got that in the bag, indulge in the sexual fantasies that you have in mind and turn them into reality.

Getting To Know The Different Kinds Of Sex Toys


Perhaps one of the most popular sex toys out there, dildos were designed to be used during sexual activities such as masturbation or penetration.

If you are searching for a sex toy that feels as close to a real penis as possible, choose a dildo.

When it comes to dildos, you would be surprised by the number of types this particular sex toy has!

Dildos come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and widths.

To make it easier for you to choose which one you would prefer, here are some dildos available in the market today:

  • Double Dildos: This type is double-sided which means either end can be used. Depending on the kind you have, each side can give you a different sensation.
  • Strap-on Dildos: Designed with a flat base, this type of dildo is used with a strap-on harness. However, it can also be used even without. This toy is both penetration and power play.
  • Vibrating Dildos: If you like both dildos and vibrators, you will surely love this toy! With its vibrating motion, it will add extra sensation and stimulation during insertion.
  • Strapless Strap-on Dildos: This type of sex toy can be used by two people. A strapless strap-on dildo can be used when a woman penetrates a man anally (also known as pegging), or when lesbians have sex.
  • Luxury Dildo: If you feel like treating yourself to some high-quality sex toys, then get yourself a luxury dildo. This type of dildo is usually made of the best materials including 100% silicone, stainless steel, and glass.


A vibrator is a sex toy designed to give pleasurable stimulation courtesy of its vibrating motions.

Similar to other sex toys, vibrators also come in many shapes and sizes. And unlike before, vibrators are not only meant for women but also for men as well!

  • Clitoral Vibrators and Massagers: f you are looking for a sex toy that can stimulate both the clitoris and the vulva, get a clitoral vibrator and massager. Depending on your needs, you can get a clitoral vibrator that can be only used externally. However, there are some clitoral vibes that can be used internally.
  • Rabbit Vibrators: Thanks to HBO's Sex and the City, this particular vibrator's popularity skyrocketed! With its dual stimulation feature, it can stimulate your G-spot and clitoris either one at a time or both at the same time. Either way...the Rabbit Vibrator guarantees you the pleasure you deserve!
  • Vibrating Eggs or Bullet Vibrators: Don't let its small size fool you! Shaped like an egg or a bullet, these mini vibrators are the best vibrators for beginners. While it is mostly used externally, it can also be used internally. Their small size can help stimulate the inside of the vagina or the clitoris.
  • G-spot Vibrators: Some say that the G-spot can sometimes be hard to locate. But if ever you or your partner find it, increase the stimulation by using a G-spot vibrator. Compared to clitoral vibrators, a G-spot vibe has a more curved tip, making it easier to reach this special part of a woman’s body.
  • Finger Vibrators: This type of vibrator is pretty handy! It’s the kind that you wear on your fingers! Once you’ve got it on, you can use it to apply direct pleasure to a woman’s clitoris.
  • Wand Massagers: Originally designed to massage the body, a vibrating wand massager has another purpose. It is often used to massage the vulva and the clitoris. These handheld wand vibrators come with different attachments, giving you the chance to choose the kind of touch or stimulation you prefer!


Pulsators are the newest sex toys to hit the market! While fairly new, they certainly pack a lot of punch!

A sex toy that can be used hands-free, it can be used either anally or vaginally. Known as a “mini sex machine”, this toy has a pulsing function that can mimic the thrusting movement that happens during penetration.

Anal Toys

For those who are open to anal play, there are several toys that you can try.

These toys will enhance the stimulation and pleasure you will be feeling as there are many nerve endings in that part of our body.

With the different anal toys at your disposal, make sure you don’t forget to always lubricate!

  • Butt Plugs: If you want to feel that sense of fullness, try using a butt plug. This toy can make sex feel even more pleasurable as it can create additional pressure on the back of the vaginal wall and it can make the spasms felt during orgasm harder and stronger.
  • Anal Beads: If you are in the more intermediate level of anal play, then you should add anal beads to your anal toy collection. For added stimulation, you can insert a string of anal beads and pull it out when you are about to cum.

Penis Toys

If there are toys for the vagina, there are certainly toys for the penis! These penis toys may come in different varieties, but they are there to add stimulation and pleasure!

  • Penis Rings: Worn around the penis base (and sometimes on the testicles too) for no more than 15-20 minutes, penis rings are used to constrict the blood flow in the penis so that the erection lasts longer, making way for stronger orgasms.
  • Masturbators and Masturbation Sleeves: If you are a guy searching for something you can use during your solo masturbation session or couples play, we suggest picking up a masturbator. It's a sleeve or tube used during masturbation that gives you extra ribbing and texture.
  • Penis Pumps and Enlargers: To help maintain your erection, you might want to pick up a pump or an enlarger. Using this sex toy helps with maintaining the blood flow into the erectile tissue which is important when you are trying to create and maintain an erection.

Kegel Exercisers

To maintain overall sexual health, we have to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. One of the best ways to do so is by using Kegel exercisers or Ben Wa balls.

These types of sex toys help in strengthening our pelvic floor muscles. It also helps in increasing the blood flood that is essential in achieving better orgasms.

Vaginal Dilators

If you want to strengthen and develop your vaginal muscles, then perhaps you should get yourself into some sort of vaginal dilation therapy.

Using vaginal dilators, it would help you with your orgasms and other sexual health concerns that you may have.

Sex Toys for Days

With all the different kinds and varieties of sex toys available, there will be plenty for you to choose from!

Before using any of the sex toys on yourself or on your partner, make sure you know what you are doing, and you have taken all the necessary precautions!

Don't forget to stock up on a lot of lubricants! We know you will be needing it!

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