Sex Positions for Strapless Dildos

Strapless dildos are commonly referred to as double dildos. Lesbian couples use them most often, but heterosexuals can too. They are among the greatest sex toys as they also allow strap-on sex. What’s more, they free one partner from wearing a harness, which is supposed to keep a dildo in its place.

A strapless dildo differs from other sex toys because of its shape. Unlike a typical straight and long double dildo, the strapless is curved. It might be U-shaped or subtly bent upward. On top of that, its ends are drastically different. It has a small bulb-shaped dildo at one end and a longer, main dildo at the other end.

Such a dildo belongs to sex toys that a woman is supposed to “wear.” She grips the shorter end by its neck with her pelvic floor muscles to prevent it from moving. The bulb-shaped dildo thus stimulates her G-spot, while the longer end is all ready to offer vaginal or strap-on anal pleasures to her lover.

General Tips for Sex With a Strapless Dildo

Although strap-on sex might seem easy, it is not so. Keeping a strapless dildo inside is sometimes quite difficult for the wearer despite her strong pelvic floor muscles. The vagina’s natural wetness and lovers’ movements may cause it to slip out.

To prevent a dildo from falling out, lovers should stick to easy sex positions first. The simplest one is when the wearer lies down with the receiver on top of her. This sex position is the best for beginners who are entirely new to vaginal or anal strap-on sex. Those more experienced are invited to try out more advanced dildo sex positions and take pleasure in simultaneous penetration.

It could be said that strap-on play is a bit more challenging than what people might expect. As it’s not in a woman’s nature to thrust, she needs to acquire all the necessary skills first. The wearer should know how hard and fast to thrust or peg. Movement and speed are essential not only for adequate sexual pleasure but also to avoid any injuries. But finally, when you master all the necessary skills, penetration depth and speed depend solely on couples’ fitness and preferences.

Best Sexual Positions

Regardless of whether we are talking about hetero or lesbian strap-on sex, the key point of the strapless dildo is mutual pleasure. Some men enjoy anal play or girl-on-top sex. Lesbians, on the other hand, have an opportunity to enjoy hands-free pleasure. Also, these dildos are perfect for experiencing identical penetration and mutual stimulation of the G-spot.

Strapless dildos are also ideal for grinding in both anal and vaginal sex. But what adds to the overall pleasure the most are great sex positions. Here are some to experiment with.


Good old missionary position is bound to turn into an entirely new sex position when paired with a dildo. Lesbian couples who are used to having sex with a strap-on harness dildo might already be bored with this position. However, the strapless offers a different kind of experience, particularly if it’s equipped with a bullet vibrator.

Such toys are excellent as the G-spot stimulating vibration of such dildos is different from conventional vibrators’ or harness strap-ons’. Hence, this position is excellent for lesbian, girl-on-top sex, or anal strap-on sex.

The receiver should clamp her legs around her partner and harmonize with the partner’s movements to get the best of the missionary position. As the girl on top does all the work, it might be a bit challenging for those who have little or no experience with a strapless dildo. However, once you learn the ropes, both you and your partner are bound to experience extraordinary orgasms.


Both men and women adore this sex position with a strap-on. It allows the wearer complete control of the intercourse. They choose how fast or strong they will thrust. The feeling of grabbing the partner by their hips and passionately thrusting adds considerably to the overall experience of this position.

Now, the main trick for doggy-style is to choose the right dildo. The ideal ones are those that have a curved shaft. If they are pointing downwards, they are perfect for G-spot stimulation or prostate massage.

Moreover, doggy-style is excellent for anal sex if the receiver’s hips are slightly higher than their shoulders. But when it comes to anal sex with a man, this position might be difficult if he is significantly taller than the girl. However, this shouldn’t avert you from giving doggy-style a try. Practice makes perfect!


Cowgirl is excellent for beginners as the wearer lies down on her back while her partner is riding her. The receiver might choose to lean forward with their arms on the bed or their partner’s shoulders. That will allow them to move up and down or grind more easily.

They might also lean back if they are more comfortable. Such a variant will give the wearer a fantastic view. More importantly, it will allow the receiver to play with themselves and reach an unforgettable orgasm.

Lesbian sex tip — to spice it up, strike a reverse position. That way, both partners get the chance to enjoy the position thoroughly. The dildo-riding receiver bounces while their partner revels in a fantastic view of their behind.


Spooning is yet another typical lesbian sex position. But with a strapless dildo, things will get an entirely new feel. When we are talking about sex, either vaginal or anal, spooning should never be skipped.

The receiver lies on their side with their knees bent and going toward their chest to get into this position. The wearer then approaches the receiver and slides the dildo inside. To get even more intimate, the girl might wrap her leg around the receiver’s body.

Spooning is an excellent sex position as it lets the receiver be in control. The movements come from them, so they control the penetration speed and depth. However, the position might seem and feel a bit awkward if the wearer is considerably smaller than her partner.

Lying Down

This position is excellent for both vaginal and anal sex. It looks like missionary, but the receiver lies on their stomach. The wearer then mounts her partner and parts their thighs to slide the dildo in. Both the wearer and her partner can control the penetration speed and depth as well.

Lying down feels quite intimate as both partners are pretty close to each other, with their bodies touching. Also, it can be incredibly relaxing. The wearer rests her body on her partner’s but also uses her arms for support. That way, both of them can enjoy an intensely sensual experience.

Other Positions

Speaking of sex, you should never limit yourself only to a couple of positions. The bedroom is excellent for unleashing your passion and imagination. You may even come up with strap-on sex positions that suit you and your partner best. One thing is certain — the more you experiment, the more you will enjoy these intimate moments with your partner.

Other positions definitely worth considering are Fire Hydrant, Blooming Orchid, and Betty Rocker

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant is quite similar to doggy-style, with the receiver resting their leg on their partner’s thigh. Initially, it might seem a bit awkward, but frequent practice will allow you to master it. Unlike doggy-style, this position requires flexibility, so you should be careful so as not to hurt yourself. If you are limited in that regard, consider other positions.

Blooming Orchid

Blooming Orchid is among those lesbian sex positions that most partners have never tried. Both participants face one another while standing on one knee. Then, they raise the other knee so that their thighs are parallel to the bed. Finally, it’s essential that the partners are hugging each other and remain close in order for the wearer to slide the dildo in easily.

Betty Rocker

This position resembles Reverse Cowgirl but requires the receiver to bend forward. While the wearer lies on her back, they straddle her and turn their back to her. Then, they begin rocking forward and backward (that’s where the name comes from). And if rocking is not the receiver’s cup of tea, the wearer can start thrusting up and down.

All in all, whether you are a total beginner or a more advanced user of strapless dildos, one thing is certain—you will have immense fun. You may even intensify your experiences by adding bondage play into the mix. Let your partner wear a face strap on like an o ring gag while you penetrate them with the strapless dildo. Use bdsm bed restraints: leather hand restraints and ankle handcuffs make for a kinky strapless dildo session. If you decide to combine it with more sex toys, your pleasure will be endless. Have fun, and enjoy yourself!