Homemade Sex Toys

Finding out about the massive range of sex toys available can be a real sexual awakening for almost any person. You discover a whole host of different things you can try to enjoy your body in ways you never have.

But what if you don’t have any sex toys? Are you completely out of luck?

Some crafty types out there haven’t let this stop their quest for sexual pleasure though, and turned to DIY solutions. This is the world of homemade sex toys…

Household Objects Turned Sex Toy

The simplest solution if you don’t have a sex toy available is to just find something that’s roughly the right shape, or does the same thing. After all, most insertable objects are shaped like long rods. If something vibrates, it can probably be used as a vibrator.

There are a variety of objects you could find around your house that will do in a pinch, and you’ve probably heard stories of people trying this before. Generally these will be safe, but always carefully consider any object you plan on inserting into your body.

We’ve scoured the net to see exactly what people have been using to get their rocks off. Here’s what we found:

  • Ice: Probably the most perfect thing you’ll find at home to use instead of sex toys, ice can even be shaped for your pleasure. Whether you just want to use simple cubes, or freeze something a bit more dildo shaped, it can all be used. Be aware that it can be both cold and messy!
  • Candles: A candle can be a useful alternative for a sex toy that most people will have lying around. Obviously we only want to use long cylinder shaped candles (no tealights!), and they shouldn’t be too thin or they could snap inside your body. A more practical application is to use candles as an anal dildo substitute because its slippery surface and firmness is great for the anus.

    Another thing to point out is that you should only do this with brand new candles. Any that have been used may leave bits of wax or burnt wick inside your body.

  • Fruit and Vegetables: The fruit and veg aisle of your local store will be filled to the brim with produce that is perfectly shaped to use instead of a sex toy. Just make sure that you aren’t using old vegetables. The more ripe they become the softer they’ll be, and you don’t want it going squish inside your body!
  • Toothbrushes: When looking for an alternative to a vibrator, one object pops up more than anything else. The electric toothbrush! All the vibrations from one of these can feel fantastic in any of your sensitive areas. Try not to get it too wet though, and don’t use the end with bristles…
  • Mobile Phones: Our phones are starting to be good at everything, and they can also work as alternative to vibrators. You probably won’t want it to get too sticky though, so pop it in a plastic bag before using it as a vibrator.
  • Back Massagers: If you’re lucky enough to own a back massager, then you’ve already got a temporary vibrator available to you! In fact, many back massager designs are actually used as vibrators such as the famous Hitachi magic wand!

  • Wooden Spoons and Ping Pong Paddles: When you want to get a bit more kinky, both wooden spoons and ping pong paddles are great alternatives to whips and let you do a little spanking.
  • Feather Dusters: For something a little more sensual, feather dusters can do a great job as a makeshift tickler.
  • Scarves or Body Wraps: These or any similar kinds of fabric can do double duty, either being used to tease and stimulate parts of the body, or as a budget blindfold.
  • Tampons: Some people claim to use tampons in place of dildos or butt plugs. These aren’t really the ideal size though, so we can’t imagine them providing much pleasure. They can also cause toxic shock syndrome if left in your body too long, and gather up A LOT of bacteria from your body. It’s usually best to steer clear of tampons.
  • Dog Toys: Probably the most unusual example we’ve found, some people claim to get off using their dogs toys. If they’re the right shape, and you’re sure that they are totally clean, then it could work. This isn’t one we’d really recommend either though.

Some of these will be more safe to use than others, but the best bet will always be ice. Once it warms up it will simply melt away, and as long as the water you freeze is clean, there shouldn’t be any worries.

A larger problem is that as these objects aren’t designed to be used as sex toys, most of them won’t have any kind of base. This means that once you put them into your body, there’s nothing stopping them going all the way in and getting lost!

This isn’t a huge problem if you’re using them in your vagina, as the cervix stops anything getting any further into your body. The only available route is back out.

If you want to enjoy some anal play though, you’re much more likely to face problems. The muscles of the rectum and colon are just as good at sucking objects in as they are pushing them out, so without a solid base your vegetable might end up much deeper than you want!

Custom Made Sex Toys

For some people out there, homemade sex toys aren’t just a drunken thought late at night. Many people take pride in the ability to craft and create toys that are perfect for their own body, and unique.

In general, these will be safer than just finding objects around the house, but they take much more work to prepare and can be quite expensive! Some good examples include:

  • 3D Printing: 3D printing has become a real craze in recent years, and people are making all kinds of things from decorations for the home, to useful objects that they use every day. If you’re confident enough in your 3D printing skills, you could feasibly design your own big dick dildo, vibrator, or anything else you can think of. Be sure to check that any materials you use in your printer are body safe before using your new toy though!
  • Glass: Working with glass isn’t something we’re all going to have the ability to do, but if you have a kiln available then this is probably the number one way to make your own sex toys. Many toys sold online and in stores are made of glass, and if made correctly, these are completely safe for use inside your body.

  • Clay: Pottery making is something much more common, and some of you might even attend a class already! Rather than making a pot or a bowl though, you could work on creating your own sexual masterpiece. These will usually need coating with some kind of varnish, as clay is a porous material and will absorb a lot of bacteria.
  • Wood: Wood carving is the least expensive and most accessible of the methods on this list. All you need is a piece of wood and a knife! Once you’ve finished your toy of choice, you’ll need to sand it carefully and once again coat it to stop bacteria and splinters.
  • Clone-A-Willy Kits: A Clone-A-Willy kit is much, much easier to use. You can pick up these kits from many different retailers, and they allow you to create a mould of someone’s penis. Once the mould is set, you can fill it with silicone to make a proper sex toy, or add ice, chocolate, or anything else you can think of and create a lifelike homemade dildo!

Any toys made with these methods are much more suitable for use than the random objects you find around your house. If you MUST make your own sex toy, we’d always advise one of these methods.

Should You Make Your Own Sex Toy?

Before you rush off to the nearest cabinet to see if you have any of the objects on our list, we want to share a little warning with you.

These objects aren’t designed to be put into your body!

Even well made glass or clay dildos have, ultimately, been made by you. Compared to the years of experience professional manufacturers have, your knowledge of sex toys is always going to be a bit more limited.

This means it’s easy to cause yourself some big problems.

First and foremost is the shape of your chosen object. ANY sharp edges, raised areas, or just the general shape can cause issues. From minor grazes and tears (which can still be very painful), to full cuts, or even piercing some of your inner body parts. Any mistake can be costly.

Then there’s the issue of cleanliness. The majority of sex toy manufacturers have been trending towards materials like silicone, glass, and stainless steel. The primary reason for this is their safety. All of these materials are non-porous, and you are able to completely sterilise them between uses, which removes the risk of infections or bacteria.

Even if you manage to dodge these bullets, you’re not out of the woods yet! Nearly anything you’ll find at home isn’t going to have any kind of base. Even the things you make yourself might not have enough of a substantial base. This means that there’s always a risk of your “sex toy” slipping inside too far and becoming stuck!

Doctors everywhere have stories of people ending up in the emergency room with a whole host of strange and unusual objects lodged inside their bodies. Don’t be the next story! Only insert objects with a large and solid base!

Buy A Real Sex Toy!

Even though there are a whole host of options to get yourself off without having to leave home, the best advice we could give would always be to buy a real sex toy made by a specialised manufacturer.

These companies have years of experience and know exactly how to design and create these toys to not only feel great, but be completely body safe!

If you’re not sure which one is for you, check out some of our great guides here in the Lovegasm blog. Or simply browse our massive store, and see the full range of great sex toys you can choose from!

DISCLAIMER: We provide the information in this article purely for educational purposes. Lovegasm does not endorse the use of anything except genuine sex toys. We take no responsibility for any harm caused by using any of the objects mentioned in this article.