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A vibrator can be a world of sexual pleasure for men and women alike. You might not know a huge amount about them though, other than that they vibrate of course. There’s a lot to cover, and you might not want to spend hours reading about your new toy before you can get down and dirty with it. This short guide should equip you with most of the facts you need to know.

What are Vibrators?

Vibrators are some of the simplest sex toys out there. They can come in many shapes and sizes, but their core function is always the same. They vibrate, and when held on the erogenous zones of the body can bring you great pleasure. If the traditional vibration isn’t quite what you’re looking for, many vibrators will come with programs which can change the speed or intensity of the vibration, or even be programmed with sequences that can really spice things up.

Some women will use vibrators on their clitoris, their g-spot, their nipples, or even the anus. It’s a similar story for men, who can use a vibrator to stimulate the penis, anus, or even the perineum. It doesn’t matter where you use them, vibrators can feel great. Before they became more mainstream they were often used to massage pretty much any part of the body you could think of!

Why Do People Use vibrators?

The most obvious reason to use a vibrator is for sexual pleasure. For some people, particularly women, a vibrator can bring on an orgasm much quicker than any other method. This is why they became a favourite among many.

It isn’t just the orgasmic functions that make vibrators so great though. Compared to a finger or penis, a vibrator can be much more controlled. You can target specific areas of your body much more effectively. You can get to know your body much more, and find the exact areas which really push your buttons. Most men won’t hesitate to get involved with a vibrator too, as most of them enjoying not only using them on their partner, but on their own penis and anus.

How Do They Feel?

For women, the use of a vibrator can be more stimulating than almost any other sex toy. The exact feelings they get can depend largely on which type of vibrator they use, and where they use it. On the clitoris, which is the area that most women will target, it tends to build the sexual tension very quickly. The actual physical sensation of the vibrator contacting the skin is no different from any other parts of the body, but internally, things are very different. Sometimes it feels like an overwhelming need to urinate, followed by the orgasm. For some it is a sharp, jolting sensation. Others like it for a few minutes, then are overwhelmed by the intense sensations. Sometimes the entire pelvis can feel like a warm hazy cloud of pleasure. Or others describe it as having someone tapping the clitoris very quickly.

Men can have much of the same pleasure. Many aspects of the male body are the same as a female’s, so they can enjoy many of the same feelings. Parts of the penis can deliver some of the same intense feelings as the clitoris and vagina. The real bonus for men though, comes from the prostate gland. This small gland lies between a man’s penis and bladder, and when hit just right it can provide an intense stimulation. Some men even experience multiple, mind blowing orgasms if they hit the prostate just right with a vibrator.

These are just some of the most obvious uses of a vibrator for both sexes, but the sky really is the limit. You can try your vibrator all over your body, and everyone enjoys different aspects of them. You can combine them with other sex toys in your collection, or even use them during sexual intercourse to give your regular activity a little extra kick.

Types of Vibrator

There are a massive range of vibrators available, and many of them are designed for different purposes or parts of the body. If you’re looking for more on these types, check out our guide to the different types of vibrator. When choosing your vibrator though, there will be a few simple decisions for you to make:

  • Where do you plan to use it?
    • This choice will help you decide exactly which sort of vibrator you want to buy. If you want to focus specifically on a single part of the body, a more specialised vibrator might be better. If not, you might want a jack of all trades such as a bullet, so you can experiment and find out what you like.
  • What sort of vibration do you want?
    • Vibrators can be simple, having just an on or off switch and one consistent buzz, or they can be much more complicated, having different speeds, settings, or even pre-programmed routines they can move through.
  • Which material?
    • While the core components of a vibrator will largely be the same whichever you choose to buy, the most important consideration will be what the skin will be made of. In general, you want to buy non-porous materials, as these won’t be able to absorb your bodies bacteria and are much easier to keep clean. Non-porous materials include silicone, glass, and stainless steel.
  • Size
    • Just as with anything else you plan to put in your body, size is a factor. You should have some idea of the kind of sizes you’ll be comfortable with, and it’s usually better to end up with something smaller than a little too big. If it’s too big, it’s likely to be painful and you probably won’t use it much, but a smaller vibrator will at least still be pleasurable even if it’s not ideal.
  • Sound
    • Different vibrators are louder or quieter than one another. Where you plan to use it will be the largest influence in this factor, and if going public you’re definitely going to want something quieter. Reviews are usually a great place to find out about the noise a vibrator will make, as people will have tested them and heard for themselves.


Just like any other type of sexual toy, a vibrator does carry some inherent risks. One of the most common worries will be losing the device inside the body. When using a vibrator on the vagina, this risk is completely unfounded. The cervix is unable to open outside of childbirth, so if a vibrator was lost in the vaginal canal, it wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere except back out. It might take some time, but simply using your fingers or bearing down should return the vibrator back out of the body.

The anus isn’t quite so lucky. Any object that passes fully into the anus will continue to travel upwards towards the intestines, and eventually be lost in the colon. This means any vibrators you plan to use anally should be fitted with a flared base in order to stop it from getting lost, or have a cord you can use to retrieve it.

Outside of physical aspects related to the actual vibrators themselves, there are a few interesting bodily functions that regular vibrator use can interfere with. One of particular importance is related to the Plateau and Orgasm phases of the sexual experience. In essence, by using a vibrator you take a shortcut to the end. Skipping parts of these phases deprives the body of some chemicals such as oxytocin and nitric oxide. These chemicals play a part in your immune system, healthy cervical mucus, and regular ovulation patterns.

Another chemical reaction is the release of cortisol from the body during orgasm. In a regular orgasm a lot of cortisol is released from the body, but during a vibrator induced orgasm, less is released. Cortisol is one of the bodies main stress hormones, and builds up naturally over time, contributing to adrenal burnout, blood sugar imbalances, and extra fat storage. Obviously for the release of this chemical, sex is much better than a vibrator.

Both of these things are very specific chemical processes which go on within your body. For the most part, you shouldn’t need to worry about it, if everything is done in moderation. Most people using vibrators will also be using them as part of an active and healthy sex life, so it’s very unlikely that either of these things will become a problem, but it’s worth being aware of them.

A very common risk is that of simple contamination. As a vibrator is a foreign object that you may be inserting into either the vagina or anus, there is an obvious risk of contamination from the vibrators themselves. Therefore, it’s important to always make sure your vibrators are properly clean before, and after, every use.

Cleaning Your Vibrators

How you clean your vibrators will depend largely on which one you buy. The main differences are in porous materials, and non-porous materials. With both types of material, the most basic way to clean a vibrator will be with simple soapy water. It’s usually recommended to steer clear of alcohol or chemical disinfectants, and if you do wish to use extra products in your cleaning, then stick to the soaps or cleansers specifically designed for use with sex toys.

There’s quite a lot of information there to take in, and not all of it actually relates to your sexual pleasure time with your new toy. At its core, learning about vibrators is a fun personal journey and the only way to truly find out the answers to your questions is to try it out! Hopefully our information will have given you a little of the basics on how to choose, use and care for your vibrator, but you’re going to have to find out the rest on your own. Trust me, it’s a fun journey!

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