Prostate Orgasms

A P-Spot orgasm is something that only a man will be able to experience. Many men don’t even know they exist though, let alone how to achieve one!

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Prostate Milking Guide

Often when reading about prostate massage, you’ll see a lot of information about prostate milking. This is a similar, but slightly different practise.

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Homemade Prostate Massagers

If you’ve been reading through our articles on prostate massage, you might be dying to try this toy for yourself. Or maybe you’ve been using your fingers, but wonder if a prostate massager will give you a better time. You might even have ordered a prostate massager already, but be so desperate to try it out you can’t wait for it to arrive!

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External Prostate Massage

No matter the potential health benefits, incredible orgasms, or sexual freedom that can be achieved through prostate stimulation, some men just simply don’t want to put things up their butt.

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Getting Started With Anal Play

We’ve all heard the many different excuses people might have for avoiding anal play. Whether it’s because of pain, poop, or the old favourite “I’m not gay!” Some of you will still be curious though and might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

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