Guide to Using Anal Beads

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Anal beads can be a great sex toy for you to start exploring your sexual pleasure in a different way.

Anal play can give you some sensations that you can’t experience through traditional means.

We talked a lot about anal beads in our beginner’s guide, but one thing we didn’t cover in too much detail was how to use them.

If you’ve picked up a set of your own anal beads and are looking for some tips on how to get started with them then you’re in the right place!

How Do People Use Anal Beads?

Most often, people use anal beads in their butts!

It’s not surprising really. A set of anal beads will usually be a series of beads which graduate from smallest to largest, so they increase in size as you insert them.

You don’t need to insert them all the way and can stop at any point where you feel uncomfortable.

Most commonly when using anal beads, people are looking for the feelings they give during insertion and removal.This is different to many other anal toys, as rather than stretching the opening once and then keeping it open or letting it close up again, anal beads constantly open and close your sphincter while you use them.

It creates a kind of popping sensation which you can’t really recreate with any other sex toys.

Removal and insertion will obviously put some stress on the set of balls, as the sphincter is a very powerful muscle despite its small size.

To make sure they don’t break or snap off while you use them, you’ll want to buy a high-quality set of beads, preferably connected with silicone rather than just string.

How to Insert Your Anal Beads

If you have any experience with any other kind of anal sex toys, then you’ll already know exactly how to insert anal beads.

It’s exactly the same process! For those less experienced though, you need to take a little care and make sure that you don’t rush.

The anus is very sensitive and diving in a little too keenly is a definite way to cause yourself some pain or even damage your anus.

When you start to insert things into your anus, you’re going to need to make sure that everything is thoroughly lubricated.

The anus doesn’t produce any of its own lubrication, so inserting your anal beads without using any is sure to be a painful experience.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

Whenever you decide to use lubrication during sex, you have a range of different options.

The main consideration you’ll need to make is which type of lube you want to use. There are three main types: silicone-based, oil-based, and water-based.

Each one is useful in different scenarios, and there are some cases where one will be much more suitable depending on your beads.

Silicone-based lubricants are often viewed as the most luxurious of the choices.

It tends to feel silky and smooth to the touch and lasts a lot longer than some of the cheaper water-based lubes.

The main problem with silicone-based lubes is that they cannot be used with anal beads made from silicone, as they will break down the surface of the balls leading to debris and bacteria both in your butt and on your balls.

Oil-based lubricants are usually the middle ground. They don’t feel quite as nice as silicone lubes, but they still last quite a long time, meaning less reapplication.

These are safe to use with any type of anal bead, so as long as they are body safe you’re good to go.

The one downside to oil-based lubes is that they cannot be used with condoms, so bear that in mind if you’re planning on wrapping your beads.

Water-based lubes tend to be the cheapest of the options.

They don’t last quite as long but in general will be the safest and simplest of the three. Any type of anal bead is safe with water-based lube, and condoms are perfectly fine too.

Your main problem with water-based lubricants is the ingredients used in them, and in particular glycerine.

Glycerine can act as a laxative on your anal tissue, so it’s often best during anal play to find lube that doesn’t contain it.

When it comes to anal play, a large majority of people tend to go for oil-based lubes.

It tends to last the longest when used in your butt, and also is safe with the majority of different anal beads you can buy.

It’s entirely up to you though, so experiment with the different types and see which you enjoy the most.

With your chosen lube handy, you’re going to want to get your beads literally covered in the stuff. Make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies.

You don’t want to get them halfway in and have one random dry bead that completely ruins the experience for you. Seriously use loads of the stuff, you won’t regret it.

You also want to get a good coating of lube around your anus, and inside the sphincter too. Getting it actually inside your butt can be somewhat difficult at times.

If you find yourself struggling with this you could look at picking up a lube syringe, which lets you “shoot” the lube into your anus.

Inserting Your Anal Beads

This is probably the part you’ve been looking forward to the most, but don’t go rushing into things just because you’re excited!

One of the most important things when you start inserting things into your butt is to be relaxed and calm. If you go too fast or too rough, you’re likely to hurt yourself.

Go ahead and do whatever you need to in order to get yourself in the mood. You can light candles, put on relaxing music, whatever you need!

Another thing that might help you during insertion is being in the mood. We’re doing this for pleasure after all!

It’s useful to bear in mind that while you’re starting to get used to the feeling of something in your butt, you might find it difficult to keep yourself aroused.

It’s something that will get easier with time, but during your first attempts you might want to keep a vibrator or cock ring handy, or even put some porn on in the background to keep yourself turned on.

Once you feel completely calm, aroused, and have a nice slippery set of anal beads, you’re ready to begin.

You don’t have to go the whole way in a single session, so just start with the smallest bead and move through each one when you feel ready.

It’s a good idea to take a little time between each bead while you’re getting used to the feelings, so that your butt has time to adjust to the new experience.

If you find yourself struggling with any of the beads, but want to go further, then you might try using your fingers for a while instead

You can start with one and move onto two or even more to try and open up your anus a little. Once you feel a little more prepared go back to your beads and you might find it a little easier.

At any point during insertion you find it too much, stop and have a bit of a rest. There’s only so much your anus can take, and over time you can train it to accept larger and larger objects but going too fast is never good.

This is especially true if you feel any pain. When something you put in your butt hurts, it’s usually a sign that things aren’t how they are supposed to be, so you should stop and try again later.

What Do You Do While Wearing Anal Beads?

So, you’ve managed to get all of your beads inserted. What now?

One of the most enjoyable parts of anal beads is removing and inserting them. Once you’ve stretched your sphincter to the point of comfortably holding all the beads, you can start pulling them out again for even more stimulation.

You don’t have to pull them all the way out, but try going halfway then pushing them back in. Experiment and see what you enjoy.

As far as things you can do while you have them in though, the world is your oyster. You can try having sex with your partner, masturbating or using other sex toys, or even just wandering around your house.

Anything you do is bound to feel a little different as the balls move around inside your body. The most adventurous users might even head out of the house, and experience stimulation while in public places!

If you do decide to wear your beads for a longer period of time, you should bear in mind that you’ll probably have to reapply your lube at some point.

This is particularly important if you head out of the house, as you’ll need to take some lube with you as well as making sure that you’re near to somewhere appropriate to remove the beads and add more lube.

Even if you enjoy keeping your beads in for longer periods, it’s generally recommended to stop after around three hours, and definitely never go to sleep wearing them.

Removing Your Anal Beads

Taking out your anal beads can be even more pleasurable than putting them in.

You can do it throughout your session for extra stimulation, but the best time to pull them out is just as you’re reaching orgasm.

Timing this right can create some incredibly intense feelings.

When you come to the end of your session, you might want to get the beads out as quickly as possible. You should try to avoid this, as quickly pulling out the beads could cause too much friction in your sphincter and hurt you.

Pulling them out quickly also risks releasing some unwanted faecal matter due to the sudden removal.

The most enjoyable way to remove your beads is one at a time, letting your sphincter pop shut again between each bead.

Extra Stimulation with Anal Beads

While basic anal bead usage is quite simple, there are a few things you can do to spice up the experience.

First you can try temperature. You can heat or cool your beads to different temperatures depending on what you want to try.

Obviously, you shouldn’t insert boiling or freezing beads, but a little temperature play can change things up completely.

Another technique you can try is to clench your pelvic floor muscles as you pull the beads out. This makes it much more difficult to remove the beads.

The extra tension if you hold onto the beads as long as possible can make for a huge release when they finally pop out!

Staying Safe While You Use Your Anal Beads

Just like any other sex toy, there are a few things you should be aware of before using anal beads.

The main considerations are avoiding string based anal beads, as these are much more likely to snap, and making sure that your beads are as clean as possible to avoid any bacteria upsetting your body.

For more info on the safest way to use anal beads, check out our safety guide.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider, even though anal beads are a simple sex toy.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of exactly how to use them, so you can bring yourself to some completely new heights of anal pleasure!

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