Wavy Shaft Penis Plug With Rubber Glans Ring

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Enjoy the wave of extraordinary euphoria, and let this Wavy Shaft Penis Plug With Rubber Glans Ring take you to the ride!

Discover the senses in your private area you never thought existed. Awaken them in a new and eccentric way of self-gratification and pleasure! Urethral sex is becoming more and more distinguished as the number of male pleasure-seekers who practice this grows each and every day.

Our Wavy Shaft Penis Plug With Rubber Glans Ring is specially crafted with wavy and smooth edges, not just to help with the flawless insertion but to create a ticklish feeling from within as well. Made of stainless steel material, this plug will not cause any irritation or unwanted reaction. It is 3.15 inches long and measures 0.31 inch in diameter at the widest points and 0.16 inch in narrow points. It also comes with two interchangeable rubber glans rings to help it stay in place; one measures 0.98 inch in diameter while the other measures 1.18 inches in diameter. With its wavy feature and edges, a light tap on the penis while it is erect can feel a thousand times intensified, leading you to an orgasm you've never experienced before.

Whether you're a new or an old-timer, urethral sex is fun if you take precautions and ensure safety first. With that being said, always clean and sanitize the penis plug before use, do the same right after using it as well. Make sure you are well lubricated by applying lots of lubricant on the urethra and the plug as well. It is essential to feel relaxed and calm prior to inserting the plug, as this will help make the entry smooth and hassle-free. Before reaching a climax, don't forget to remove the plug. After the practice, keep it in a cool, dry place once cleaned.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Penis plugs with rings, Stainless steel sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3.15 inches
Width: 0.16 inch to 0.31 inch