USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys
USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys
USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys
USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys
USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys

Anytime is a good time for nipple play. You’ll never know when the mood for some cherry fidgeting will strike you, so you better have a love tool that you can depend on whenever horniness calls. Never let an empty battery get you down. Treat yourself to non-stop fun with the USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys.

It comes in a lovely shade of pink with a playful butterfly detail on the suction cups. It provides satisfaction for your bosoms in two ways. It boasts ten frequencies of vibration while sucking your breasts and directing your blood flow to your nipples. As the suction gradually works on you, the pulsations also build up, bringing you a slow but sure journey to orgasm. The vacuum motion of the silicone cups is strong, making your nipples very sensitive. At the center of the cups are soft bristles to bring you a better stimulating experience.

You can take this device with you wherever you go because it is handy. In case you run out of battery, you can quickly charge it using any charger or your power bank because it comes with a USB charging cable. This item is silicone made, a hypoallergenic and safe material preferred by most sex toy industries. Silicone is also a sought-after material because of its durability. With proper handling, you’ll surely enjoy the company of this toy for a long time.

Cleaning your toys is a significant aspect of their maintenance. As for this device, it is ideal that you clean it after every use. You can do so by wiping it down with a clean cloth damped in warm water and soap. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before keeping it in its box and storing it in a safe place.

Having a nipple orgasm has never been this accessible. Order your USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys today.

Color Pink
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Remote Control: 5.11 inches (13 cm)
Remote Control: 1.97 inches (5cm)
Suction Cups: 3.54 inches (9 cm)


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USB Rechargeable Nipple Sucking Toys

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