The Ideal Set Electro Nipple Clamp

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Do you want to get the full experience in all aspects? Here is The Ideal Set Electro Nipple Clamp to fulfill all your sexual desires and more. This is not just for your nipples, but this can also be used for different things, which you'll find out when you get it for yourself.

You will literally get busy with The Ideal Set Electro Nipple Clamp because of how many features it has in store for you. This sex toy is made up of different elements and high-quality materials such as ABS, metal, and silicone. All have been tested and proven safe to use in the body.

Why are nipple clamps slowly becoming a thing, anyway? The answer to that is with a bit of science. When your nipples are clamped, blood flow is restricted around the area, making your nipples numb. How long you keep them clamped up is all up to you.

Once you have decided that you're done and over with, you can release your prisoners from their cells. You'll also feel the rush of the blood flowing back to your nipples, making them more sensitive. Anything that you do to your breasts is going to feel much more exciting and fulfilling.

Aside from that, The Ideal Set Electro Nipple Clamp also has other features if you want to occupy yourself to other things. Penis rings are included, so yes, this can also be used by men. An anal plug is also included in the set because your rear is also as important as your breasts. That's not all; there are also massage pads in the set.

Prepare to be electrified by this entire set. You'll get busy playing with the different ways of The Ideal Set Electro Nipple Clamp. Grab one now!

Color Silver
Material ABS, Metal, Silicone
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A