Locked on Button Metal Cock Cage
Locked on Button Metal Cock Cage
Locked on Button Metal Cock Cage
Locked on Button Metal Cock Cage
Locked on Button Metal Cock Cage

You've fired all your bullets in one go, and it doesn't take a genius to realize you need to step back and reload. Take some time out, and make sure you're ready to fire your pistol again in the next round of battle. The Flat Gatling Chastity Cage is what you need to reload your gun. It doesn't take how long, but the longer, all the better.

Put on this flat steel cage and shrink your weapon. If you are a grower, then this is for you. A flat steel cock cage that's discreet under any pants of your choice will help you hide your pistol from prying eyes. It's secured with a hinge lock, so only your keyholder has the right to unleash your gun. No, you won't hear any of that jangling that bulky padlocks make.

It's meticulously structured and designed to perfection not only to make it sturdy but also to make it look nifty. The metal pieces from the base ring to the cage are neither too thick nor too thin. And don't worry, it has the weight that will pull down your cock and balls. Take a good look at the ring dimensions; there are three to choose from, so make sure to measure the base of your package to ensure a snug fit.

With seven holes in its top cover, your cock head can breathe. Polished to achieve that mirror shine, it's smooth all over, sans scratches and nicks to save your wiener from chafing. So go ahead and push it back like a nose against a wall.

Let your keyholder take care of the keys, and go about your day, thinking when you are to be set free. Anticipation builds up power, and once you are released, you'll pounce like a beast. So hurry and grab yours now!


Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Cock Cage Dimension:
Diameter: 3.3cm (1.3in)
Length: 1.6cm (0.63in)
Ring Dimension:
4cm (1.58in)
4.5cm (1.77 in)
5cm (1.97 in)


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Locked on Button Metal Cock Cage

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