Super Long Urethral Beaded Penis Plug

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Do yourself a favor and spice-up your meat-beating routine! While masturbation brings a lot of benefits to men, it's never too late to explore ways to enhance the experience that you can get when you are having your alone time.

Men often resort to masturbation for a lot of reasons. It relieves stress after a day of work, it helps in falling asleep faster, and it's a form of meditation to reconnect to yourself. Regardless of your reason, we advise that you should not limit yourself from the standard techniques that you got used to for that shot of dopamine during masturbation.

Our Super Long Urethral Beaded Penis Plug is designed not only to heighten your urethral wall's sensitivity for pleasure but also to reach your prostate gland for some orgasmic stimulation. Since it is made of premium-quality stainless-steel, you can be assured that it's 100% safe for internal use so you can only focus on the pleasure that it provides.

For a hassle-free urethral sounding action, make sure to sanitize your Super Long Urethral Beaded Penis Plug. Boil it in water and use some antibacterial soap. It is also critical to sanitize your hands, penis, and anything that may come in contact with your urethral sound. Once you are ready, apply some generous amount of good-quality lubricant on your pee-hole and on your urethral sound. Also, make sure that you are still flaccid to avoid tearing your urethral wall. Then, slowly insert your urethral sound until it reaches your prostate gland for a great massage and stimulation. Since your urethral wall is sensitive, having something through it will immediately give you intense arousal that will give you the urge to masturbate.

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Color SIlver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Urethral Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 14.96 inches
Width: 0.23, 0.31 inch