Spherical Orbs Magnetic Nipple Clamps 4 pcs

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If you want to go minimalist while enjoying some good nipple pinching, then you must add our Spherical Orbs Magnetic Nipple Clamps 4 pcs to your collection.

To some, nipple clamps are too intimidating. However, no one can deny that pinching your sexy pacifiers can spark so much joy. For those who still can’t resist using some accessories to enjoy some nipple stimulation but want to keep it simple, then our Spherical Orbs Magnetic Nipple Clamps 4 pcs are your best bet.

What you will get is 2 pairs of magnetic spheres that are 0.19 inch in diameter. Each magnetic ball features a sleek and minimalist design where you can choose to either get the silver or black variant.

Your nipples are home to tons of nerve endings that make them one of the erogenous zones in your body. That is why it’s addicting to get them caressed by your own hands or by your partner. When you use our Spherical Orbs Magnetic Nipple Clamps 4 pcs, you will feel a subtle pinch on your erect nips, which, therefore, restricts blood flow. When it’s finally time to set them free, that is where the magic happens.

The rules when it comes to pleasure are totally up to you. If you enjoy having some alone time, then do yourself a favor and caress your nipples the way you like it. If you share these exciting moments with someone, then you can give them the liberty to lick them, suck them, pinch and play with them. Savor every moment your nipples touch your partner's skin as you moan for pleasure. Then, stick a pair of your magnetic clamps to both your nipples for a few minutes. As you remove the clamps to set your nipples free, the sudden blood rush will tickle you to pleasure.

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Color Black, Silver
Material Metal
Type Magnetic Nipple Clamp
Dimension (inches)
Length: 0.19 in.
Width: 0.19 in.
Weight: N/A