Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher
Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher
Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher
Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher
Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher

Your slave follows your orders. He doesn't complain when you bind his wrists and ankles with shackles. Every humiliating word is music to his ears. The only problem is his cock, which seems to have its own brain. He gets an erection when it's not yet time, and he ejaculates too soon. Being the Dominatrix, you hate to see your slave taking his gratification before you do. The question is, can you do something about it? Of course, you can! You are the boss, so make his cock follow your bid!

With the Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher, you can finally have a longer pumping time! It's simple and easy to use. Featuring a strap that you'll wrap around his balls, this stretcher will show no mercy. Snap the buttons to hold the stretcher in place. Next, bring the O-rings together and use them as an anchor point for the leash. Attach the leash by fastening the swivel snap onto the rings. The loop at the end of the leash makes handling and leading much easier to do. Ready to take the lead? Go ahead!

Discipline his balls with style. The ball stretcher may look simple, but it's designed with rivets not only to make it sturdy but to make it look a real badass. The functional O-rings do not only hold the leash as they can also accommodate weights. How naughty are you?

The stretcher and the leash are made of PU leather. Not a single animal has been harmed, so it's a vegan-friendly BDSM tool. It's easy to clean and maintain; thus, you can rely on it for many sessions ahead. All you need is to wipe it with a clean cloth damped with soapy water. Rub a few drops of baby oil to keep it shiny and prevent it from wrinkling.

Lead him to your lair by his balls. You'll see. He'll have harder and longer-lasting erections. Buy now!

Color/Type Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: NA
Width: NA
Diameter: NA
Weight: NA

Slave Control Leather Ball Stretcher

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