Ruthless Punishment Muzzle Mask
Ruthless Punishment Muzzle Mask
Ruthless Punishment Muzzle Mask
Ruthless Punishment Muzzle Mask

Ruthless Punishment Muzzle Mask

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Something is missing in your bondage play. Your slave looks hot in his leather cuffs, leather harness, and leather pants, but these are not enough to make him look deprived and humiliated. You have got to have something that will punctuate the "slave" look.

Complete the leather ensemble with this Ruthless Punishment Muzzle Mask to transform him from a hot punk to a humiliated, helpless slave. This muzzle will mum him. A symbol of his submission and lack of power, this slave mask will make him realize he doesn't have the right to speak up.

A large hole, plus two small ones, will allow him to breathe normally. This muzzle is held together by a set of straps that go around the head and his neck. It doesn't matter what size his head is, as the straps are adjustable. Buckle them up to hold the muzzle in place. The neckband comes with a D-ring to accommodate a leash.

Made to punish ruthlessly, this muzzle is sturdy and durable. Its holes are with metal grommets, while attachments are riveted for reinforced longevity and strength. You can pull your servant's head by the straps, and you won't have to worry about getting it damaged or torn.

If you are vegan, then you'll be delighted to know that it's made of synthetic leather, not from a hide. Hence, not a single animal has been harmed. Synthetic leather is a lot easier to maintain and clean, too. All you need is a clean cloth damped in a mixture of water and soap. Use it to wipe off any dirt on the leather to remove dirt. Rub a few drops of baby oil to make it look shiny and new.

It's ideal for all genders of slaves as it has a size that fits almost everyone. Not only is this useful during BDSM scenes, but it's also a stylish Halloween headgear.

Grab one now and make your servant kneel before you!


Color Black with silver metal parts
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Back to Front :18-33.01 inches
Horizontal Strap Around Head: 20.5-28.5 inches
Slanted Strap: 25.5-28.5 inches
Lower Face Strap: 17-26 inches
Around Neck: 11.2-15.2 inches
Head Strap Thickness: 0.75 inch
Neck Strap Thickness: 1.3 inches