Ready to Mate Sexy Bunny Mask

Ready to Mate Sexy Bunny Mask

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When a bunny picks up something strange or out of the ordinary, its ears stand erect and upright. Well, your pet must've sensed your growing hunger for erotic and kinky fun. With this Ready to Mate Sexy Bunny Mask covering your pet's face, you know she's up to something naughty.

You were browsing through your TV channels looking for something to watch when you saw this sexy young woman in a black suit, wearing a bunny mask. They were playing Ariana Grande's, Dangerous Woman. Watching this video made you realize how a lady with a black bunny mask made your cock as hard as a rock. But like a stud that you are, you don't want a plain-looking one. You want something that has a wicked touch. Good thing, this Ready to Mate Sexy Bunny Mask is not just a plain black mask. It has a series of metal spikes that will make your pet look adorable and badass at the same time.

This bunny mask may look animalistic, but it's organic and cruelty-free. That's because its material is synthetic leather. The long and erect ears stay secure because of the metal rivets at the base. The eye area is accentuated by a series of metal spikes, making your pet bunny look more attractive and fuck-worthy.

But if you want to up your ante, you can add more accessories to your play. You can make your sub wear a spiky collar with a leash or a bunny tail butt plug. A ball gag or a pair of handcuffs can also make your routines more thrilling. However, you have to keep in mind that practicing bondage also requires your partner's consent.

With the kind of desire that you have, every season is a mating season. Hurry up, and get this mask now!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Adjustable