Ready for Doggy Sex Straps
Ready for Doggy Sex Straps
Ready for Doggy Sex Straps
You were so horny that you couldn't contain your urge. It was already two o'clock in the morning, and your woman wouldn't help you with your needs. You asked her to bend down, but she wasn't so cooperative. Poor man! If only there's a way you can position her so you can fuck her comfortably.

Well, who says there isn't? With the use of the Ready for Doggy Sex Straps, everything will be so much easier! This sex tool will help you restrain her so that she couldn't move at all once she wears it.

Once she's tied up with this gear, you can do whatever you want to her. Fuck her in the pussy, or even in the ass—she won't resist as she's all restrained. Blow her pussy while she's in a doggy position, or do a 69. Name it. It'll make your sex positions more comfortable and convenient.

This strap, measuring 27.56 inches long, is made of nylon. Nylon is a material known for its capacity to lift heavy loads, making it effective in sex restrains like this. With a lot of force from someone trying to escape a tie, this material will surely resist and fight!

Also, this product features four cuffs — two for the wrists and two for the ankles. Each cuff is fastened by a velcro belt, making it adjustable to many limb sizes. There is no need to worry about buying the wrong size.

This product may bring convenience to your part, but ensure to get consent from your partner before using it to her. Essentially, this is for fun use only and not for forceful encounters. It will be best to speak to her before using it, as it involves incapacity to move on her part during sex. A safeword would also be of great help to make everything is safe and fun.

Show your bitch who her master is. Get ready for some extreme dog-style action with the Ready for Doggy Sex Straps!


Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: 27.56 inches (70 cm)
Width/Diameter: Adjustable


Ready for Doggy Sex Straps

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