No Escape Penis Cuff
No Escape Penis Cuff
No Escape Penis Cuff
No Escape Penis Cuff

Are you embarrassed about your tiny dick? Well, accept your fate as there is no way to lengthen cock sizes but to go under the knife. And even if it's successful, it will be a minute increase compared to its original size. So, don't even think about spending an enormous amount of money to try this path. Instead, find a temporary solution to your problem.

And if it's a tool to enlarge your dick for some period that you need, get the No Escape Penis Cuff and experience having a huge cock in an instant!

It uses ABS, a material known for its durability. It is neither stretchable nor brittle but can withstand sufficient pressure. It's safe to use on the genital's tender and delicate skin as it's BPA- and phthalate-free. It comes in a clamp-like design, with a toothed claw from its outer edge. These teeth serve as the shim to stop the hook from opening once fastened to the lock. Note that it has several ridges, making it possible to cater to many cock sizes.

But the biggest question is, how will it enlarge your cock at a snap of your fingers? By restricting the blood flow through constriction, the blood coming into the veins in your dick lose its way out. Thus, making your cock look more plumped and engorged. And even if you remove the device from your dick, it will stay on its swollen look for about ten more minutes. If your dick is not relatively big enough, you can adjust the tightness by pushing the claw farther into the lock. Make sure to use it for only 15-20 straight minutes, or it might result in a permanent adverse effect on your cock.

Not only will it make your cock look more massive than before—but it will also lengthen your erection and extend your orgasm a little longer. Try the No Escape Penis Cuff and experience its power. Hit add to cart now!

Color/Type Black + White
Material ABS
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

No Escape Penis Cuff

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