Holy Trainer V4
Holy Trainer V4
Holy Trainer V4
Holy Trainer V4
Holy Trainer V4
Holy Trainer V4

Holy Trainer V4

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Among all the derogatory words you can call a man, what he will not take lightly is being branded a sissy. Curtailed by notions of weakness and lack of masculinity, this term will surely knock some sense to him.

But if after calling him like that, and he still keeps on driving you insane, maybe what you need is something that will downright humiliate his male ego. Succeed in making him fall from grace with the Holy Trainer V4.

Locking his cock is already demeaning, but getting a toy in a pink tinge is another story that will make him cringe. And that's what this cock cage is all about. It's the foolproof way to rise as a revered mistress.

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Color Pink
Material Resin

Cage Length:

Nub: 0.98 inches - (25mm)
Small - 1.77 inches (45mm)
Standard - 2.16 inches (55mm)

Cage Internal Diameter:
Nub - 1.34 Inches (34mm)
Small - 1.34 Inches (34mm)
Standard - 1.38 Inches (35mm)

Included Rings: 1.41 inches (36mm), 1.55 inches (40mm), 1.75 inches (45mm), 1.95 inches (50mm), 2.14 inches (55mm)