Hollow Urethral Sounding Prince Wand

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Come home from a very stressful day at work and jerk your way out to orgasm. Getting off is one of the most effective ways to get that shot of dopamine that makes you feel really good. With the use of our Hollow Urethral Sounding Prince Wand, you will get a double dose of happy hormones that will allow you to feel great!

Discover a new level of self-pleasure without relying too much on stroking your cock at night. Cock stuffing stimulates your sensitive urethral wall that penis plug enthusiasts have come to love. So, what does it feel like having something inside your cock? When men ejaculate, the cum goes through your ultra-sensitive urethral wall. That's what makes it feel good. Now, imagine having that sensation over and over again as you push and pull the plug through your pee-hole. It's like unlocking a huge part of yourself that only focuses on giving you the feeling of pleasure.

To start, ensure that your prince wand is fully sanitized. Put it in a bowl of boiling water and use some antibacterial soap. Start relaxing with a warm shower while cleaning your hands, your cock, and around it. While you might start to feel the urge to get aroused, the easiest way to insert your plug is with a flaccid penis. Apply some good-quality lubricant on your pee hole and the shaft of the plug before you start to insert it. Let the lubricant help the shaft slide in easily, or when you hold your cock up, the gravity will also help. When properly done, you will immediately feel the urge of arousal until you get rock hard. Start stroking your cock and alternate it with pulling and pushing your penis plug through your hole until you reach that incredible orgasm.

Say goodbye to stress by jerking off with the help of our Hollow Urethral Sounding Prince Wand. So, click that add to cart button now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Hollow penis plugs, Stainless steel sounds, Beaded sounds
Dimension (inches) 2.48" x 0.39"
Length: 2.48 inches
Width: 0.39 inch