Hardcore Sensory Deprivation Gimp Mask
Hardcore Sensory Deprivation Gimp Mask
Hardcore Sensory Deprivation Gimp Mask

Sensory deprivation is the best BDSM activity to depersonalize your bottom. It helps dominants like you to play the role without mental or emotional reservations. With that, it will be easy to perform different kinds of teasing and torture to your submissive.

Out of curiosity, you have tried blindfolds and earplugs to strip off your partner's senses. Seeing her helpless and relying upon available stimuli made you want to go for more. Something extreme enough that your sub will be surrounded by darkness as she waits for your every move.

Well, you are in sheer luck! You can finally make that happen with this Hardcore Sensory Deprivation Gimp Mask.

This bondage hood in light pink will be your next favorite BDSM accessory. It is made of PU leather base material, making it soft and smooth on the skin. Indeed this ensemble got it all. It is ready to isolate your partner from every sight or sound that may come from the outside world. It has nine pairs of metal eyelets that with regulating lace, enabling you to adjust its fitting. To make sure the mask stays in place even as your sub moves around or when things get rough are the straps you will find on the neck and around the face and forehead. You can even lock up these bands if you bet a kinkier, tighter, and more secured wearing. If you are aiming for pet play, this mask will also be perfect for that game. It has a D-ring on the neck part where you can attach a leash so that you can roam your pet around with ease. And if you are worried about your partner's air source, you shouldn't be! With the two metal eyelets for the nostrils, you know she will have an adequate amount of air supply.

Since this type of bondage mask is for hardcore playing, it is a must to talk to your partner about it. Assign nonverbal cues your partner can use when things get too intense for her. Always put safety as your topmost priority.

Explore the extreme side of sensory deprivation. Add this hardcore gimp mask to your cart today!

Color Mask: Pink
Straps: Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Adjustable

Hardcore Sensory Deprivation Gimp Mask

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