Fatty Stainless Rod Urethral Sound

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Get full-on carnal gratification with our Fatty Stainless Rod Urethral Sound. Sheeny and smooth as silk, it’s the penis plug that will undoubtedly boost your enjoyment of urethral play.

It’s a penis plug that tapers up, reaching a maximum diameter of 0.43 in the middle, and from this point, it gradually decreases in width. You might think the length isn’t enough to reach the right spots, but believe us, it has the right length to awaken those 4,000 nerve endings housed in your urethral opening. The tapered design offers gradual stretch training to your urethra, and the middle portion, which has the widest point, offers you a challenge so tempting to conquer.

With your safety in mind, it has a flared handle to prevent the plug from unwanted travel. Hold this for much control during insertion and retrieval. Another safety feature that this solid plug boasts is its smooth, polished surface. Run one of your fingers along the shaft, and you won’t feel any nicks or scratches that could harm the delicate tissues of your urethra.

Truly a masterpiece by its elegant design, it’s crafted from stainless steel, a superior type of metal proven by health experts as hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalates-free. In addition, giving it a thorough cleanup doesn’t require too much effort and time since it is non-porous. All you need is to wash it in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry, and it’s good to go.

If you consider yourself a beginner in urethral adventure, then you’ve got to remind yourself about these necessary reminders: First, keep it clean. Make sure everything that will come in contact with your penis plug is washed and made germ-free to prevent bacteria from traveling into your pee canal. Second, use a trusted brand of lube and be generous when applying. Your penis doesn’t have its own natural lubrication, so it’s best to apply every now and then while inserting. Lastly, take your time and enjoy every little glide.

Experience intense sensation and bask in pleasure paradise with our Fatty Stainless Rod Urethral Sound. Add this to your cart today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Solid Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.87”
Width: 0.43”