Disposable Clear Silicone Penis Plugs 10pcs Set

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We understand that the road to urethral pleasure is the road less traveled, and we get it. We completely understand why. It's never easy when you're constantly looking for the right toy, considering all options, actually trying each one, only to end in disappointment after. You really shouldn't be having a hard time looking for the best, so if you are, your suffering ends here. We like to think of urethral play as an operation to pure bliss. The Disposable Clear Silicone Penis Plugs 10pcs Set captures precisely what we have in mind and more. We can't wait to see what it will bring to you and your bedroom.

You're certainly not going to end up in the emergency room with this one. One look at the urethral sex toy, and you'll guess that this might have been swiped from the hospital's medical supplies. Our penis plug set is made from medical grade transparent silicone. It's tested and proven safe to use in the body since it's free from chemicals or elements that could be harmful to your body. So, maybe, it was taken from the medical supplies after all.

Nurse Love and Doctor Pleasure will fall for this urethral sounding tool. Its style and design can introduce you to a lot of hot steamy ideas and crazy but daunting schemes. We bet the roleplay fanatic inside you is jumping for joy for a sex toy that's more than ready to ride with you on nights you don't want to end. This Disposable Clear Silicone Penis Plugs 10pcs Set is available in three different diameter sizes to suit your needs and level of expertise: 0.16 inch, 0.19 inch, and 0.21 inch. Whatever size you choose, you'll wish you'd get admitted on an intensive pleasure unit and just stimulate that dick all night long!

Color Clear
Material SIlicone
Type Urethral sound, Silicone urethral sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 0.16 inch, 0.19 inch, 0.21 inch