Complete Package Electro Nipple Clamp Set

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Do you want to get all the benefits of electric sex toys? Our Complete Package Electro Nipple Clamp Set is literally the complete package if you want to experience it all. There's nothing that this set can't do.

First, there are four different accessories; each of them have different functions. The first one, which is the main attraction, is the nipple clamps. They are two white plastic clamps with an inner metal piece that the electric currents can flow through. Clamping your nipples prevent blood from flowing around that area, making them numb. Once you remove the clamps, the flow of the blood will continue in a rapid manner, which will make your nipples more sensitive.

If you want something to stuff your butt in, then there's also an anal plug included in the set. It's also made from plastic with metal sides. It's 2.76 inches long and 1.10 inch wide, which makes this the perfect size to start with if you haven't tried using butt plugs yet.

Next in line is the penis rings. Yes, men can use this, too. You can use the rings if you're the type who likes to roleplay and be the dominant one. There's nothing more sexually empowering than humiliating your man with the very thing that he feels superior with. Well, one thing's for sure, he wouldn't feel like a boss anymore with this one.

And probably something that's peculiar and highly unlikely to be included in a set of sex toys: massage patches! What's something that you thought could only bring pleasurable pain can also bring relaxation. You can use this when you're done with lovemaking and you need something to relax those sore and tired muscles.

The best part of our Complete Package Electro Nipple Clamp Set is that all of those accessories can be used by the same power supply.

Are you looking for a sex toy that can do it all and more? Look no further, take home one of these with you now!

Color Nipple Clamps: White
Power Box: White, Black, Yellow
Penis Rings: Black, White
Massage Patches: Blue
Butt Plug: Black, Silver
Material ABS, Silicone, Metal
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Nipple Clamps: N/A
Massage Patches: 2.99 in. 
Butt Plug: 2.76 in.


Nipple Clamps: N/A
Penis Rings: 1.77 in. & 17 in. 
Massage Patches: 1.65 in.
Butt Plug: 1.10 in.
Weight: N/A