Pink Nipple Clamps

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Do you want to feel more sexually stimulated while feeling cute and girly at the same time? Our Pink Nipple Clamps is going to be your new best friend for both aspects. It's designed to have all the glitz and glamour while giving you the sensual gratification you deserve.

If you think that it's all just about the bells and bows, then you'd better think again. The clamps are made from high-quality metal, which is body-safe and rust-resistant, so don't hesitate to keep using this over and over again. To complement the softie side of these nipple accessories, silicone tips are fastened on the clamps and the handle, which can also provide comfort on the user.

When you think about nipple clamping, we bet that the first thing that comes into your mind is that it's only going to be painful. While this is true, it's not just about the pain. There will always be pleasurable pain in nipple clamping, but there is also a stimulating side of it.

By the time you use our Pink Nipple Clamps on your erect little mounds, you will immediately notice the pain (hopefully pleasurable) when it hits you. Then you'll begin to feel numb around that area. This is due to the blood vessels being restricted to flow around your nipples.

You can keep your partner enticed while you wait. Thanks to the attached bows and bells on each clamp, you can show your partner how pretty your breasts look like even when they're clamped. Your movements can also trigger the bells to sound for jingling time.

Once you finally release the clamps, you'll feel the rush of the blood flow, which will make your breasts extra sensitive. So please don't wait, get one of our Pink Nipple Clamps now!

Color Clamps - Silver, Bows & Bells - Black/Pink/Red
Material Metal
Type Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.56 inches
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A