Adjustable Magnetic Discs Nipple Clamp Weights

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Feel the weight of our Adjustable Magnetic Discs Nipple Clamp Weights and give your nipples what they truly deserve.

What you will get is a pair of stainless-steel clamps with rubber tips to complement your sensitive nipples. The other end has a metal base that allows you to stick up to six additional magnetic discs. Allow your body to dictate how heavy or how light it can carry for your maximum satisfaction.

You can start with just the clamps, then add the disc to satisfy you. If you are feeling a little extra, you can add all six discs and watch the magic happens.

Not a lot of people may understand the way nipple clamping works, but none of those matters anymore. As long as you enjoy playing with your sensitive nipples for your pleasure, and you experience extreme happiness, then you are good to go.

Start pushing the boundaries of your body to achieve a night that you won't forget. Whether you enjoy nipple clamping by yourself or with your beloved partner, our Adjustable Magnetic Discs Nipple Clamp Weights will always deliver. Allow your nipples to be caressed, licked, sucked, touched, and pinched.

For more intimate sex, rub your breasts against your partner. Be satisfied and fully aroused that your nipples are so erect. This is the right moment to put the clamps into work and adjust the number of discs based on your preference. Leave it hanging for a few minutes or until tolerable, then remove the clamps to set your nipples free. The sudden surge of blood flow will let you experience pleasure you never thought you could experience.

These Adjustable Magnetic Discs Nipple Clamp Weights are dying to get on to your nipples. Don't fight the urge and click that add to cart button now!

Color Silver and Gray
Material Stainless Steel, Magnet
Type Nipple Clamp Weight
Dimension (inches)
Length: 0.39 in.
Width: 0.39 in.
Weight: 0.49 lbs.