Silver Crocodile Adjustable Nipple Clamps

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Ditch your dull sex life and get some new toys for your lover like these Silver Crocodile Adjustable Nipple Clamps! These coquettish toys can make your woman scream for pleasure.

Our Crocodile Adjustable Nipple Clamps are the perfect accessories for your partner's tits. These clamps feature a delicate and compact design. These clips for nips have PVC ends. This material provides a comfortable fit for the user regardless of the amount of pressure you put on her sensitive breasts. But if you want her to feel the intensity of having her sweet cake pinched, you can remove the covers to intensify the stimulation.

Our Silver Crocodile Nipple Clamps also come with screws. These pins let you adjust the tension you put on your lover's nipples. Loosen the screws if your significant other is still not comfortable with the pressure she gets from the clamps. Tighten them up to add greater stimulation and sensation to your partner's nips. Either way, these clamps will let you experience the kind of sex play you've been longing for--daring...kinky...and unforgettable!

But what sets them apart from other crocodile nipple clamps are the bells and loops. These accessories add charm to the toys. Furthermore, they enhance your nipple play!

Our Crocodile Adjustable Clamps can be used separately or together. You can just use one clamp for your lover's dom pom and massage and suck the other one to enhance her libido.

You can also use both clips with or without a chain. But if you want to intensify the pain and pleasure, you need to connect the clamps to the metal string to increase the pressure.

Our Silver Crocodile Adjustable Nipple Clamps are just what you need to experience a sex game that you and your partner will never forget. Grab these clamps now and help your lover reach the pinnacle of nipplegasm!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Type Crocodile Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Bells: 2.24 in.

Rings: 2.27 in.


Bells: 1.10 in.

Rings: 1.15 in.


Bells: 0.04 lbs.

Rings: 0.05 lbs.