10-Speed Beaded Silicone Penis Plug 14 Inches Long

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Are your usual sexual activities not effective in stimulating your libido? You can re-ignite the burning passion between you and your lover by getting our 10-Speed Beaded Silicone Penis Plug 14 Inches Long! This urethral sound will make your sex play more exciting.

This penis plug is marvelous from top to bottom! This plug has a cylindrical-shaped handle and a long and flexible shaft. The solid grip helps you plug the tool safely into the urethra. Meanwhile, the beaded shaft is about 14 inches long. This length can reach beyond the base of your penis, giving deeper urethral stimulation. In other words, this tool has the power to awaken all the pleasure nerves from the head of your member all the way up to your bladder.

The waves along the shaft can also enhance the pleasure, giving your ripples of sensations as it glides. This rippled bar hits all the erotic zones in your urethra, extending the fun with waves of orgasm by delaying your ejaculation. But the best feature of our 10-Speed Beaded Silicone Penis Plug 14 inches long is the 10-speed vibration mode. This unique take on a urethral sounding tool can make your solo play and even foreplay more exciting. The vibration brought by the device gives a tingling yet exhilarating sensation into your dick and beyond. That is why some couples use it as a tool for BDSM.

The device is available in two colors: black and pink. Whichever you choose, these variants will give you the same effect - different waves of erotic pleasure!

Our 10-Speed Beaded Silicone Penis Plug 14 Inches Long is sure to enhance your solo play or intimate moments with your partner. Grab this fabulous urethral toy and have the most satisfying urethral play of your life!

Color Pink, Black
Material Silicone
Type Vibrating Urethral Sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 14 in.
Width: 0.25 in.