Testicle Pumps

Many people have been pumping their penises for years. This isn't surprising because this sex accessory has been around for quite a long time now. While men are doing it for obvious reasons—having a large junk being the most popular one—pumping is also believed to cure erectile dysfunction, giving beta males a chance to perform better in bed.

Given all these pros of subjecting your Sub to pumps, you might think you've heard all the good things it can offer to satisfy your insatiable void for sex. Well, you got that part wrong. Things get better—and kinkier! You can also incorporate pumps in your BDSM sessions to double the dose of your naughty pill. But this time, instead of pumping your Sub's dick like he usually would, place it on his balls instead.

Penis pumps are nice and all, but if you're looking for some new ways to make your Sub suffer, then you need an upgrade. Consider today your lucky day because what you see right now is Lovegasm's collection of Testicle Pumps!

With these pumps, you will never run out of new things your Sub can arousingly lament about. The products on this listing are made of high-quality materials, so you're sure that you are getting your money's worth. They come with manual pumps to gauge the intensity of the suction, thus, helping you achieve the perfect ratio of sexy and safety in your cock and ball torture (CBT) sessions. One testicle pump even has an air release valve, so you can quickly deflate the pump in case your Sub taps out and says the safe word. Not only do they function well, but these kink products look good, too. They will blend easily in your sex dungeon because their primary color is black and white. The pumps in this listing are very durable yet require easy upkeep. The materials used in these items are effortless to clean and store so that you can expect nothing but hassle-free, uninterrupted hours of wild fun.

As with all kinds of sexual play in the BDSM kingdom, CBT also requires careful planning—especially since you are dealing with your Sub's family jewels here. Hence, it is ideal that you and your partner sit down and talk about hard limits. You should do all the acts consensually—that's one prerequisite to a successful Sub-Dom union. Establish safe words and acknowledge their use should your Sub decides he can't take your nut-shots anymore. As in the case of testicle pumps, it's not advisable to use them for more than 30 minutes, so be keen on that, especially if it's your Sub's first time to experience using one. These devices may pose serious health risks if not utilized properly, and a responsible Dom should know the limits. Once all the rules are laid out, get ready to bust some balls!

All you need is one reliable tool to set the mood, and everything else will follow. So, grab these testicle pumps, and seize his balls—err, the day!

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