Sex Toys For Couples

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Sex Toys for Couples

If you think sex toys are nothing more than an addition to a lone rider’s sex life, you should think again. The sexy gadgets have gone far from compensating or acting as a self-pleasuring sidekick. Yes, adult toys are handy on those cold lonely nights (or short, horny lunch breaks). But, they are not just for masturbation. They’re great to bring into the bedroom too. Indeed, erotic devices can help you hit new levels (and some unexpected spots) when using them with your significant other.

Whoever you’re having sex with, there are couples sex toys that will satisfy your needs. It doesn’t end with silk cuffs, dildos, and cock rings. The market today is wild and blossoming, so it offers a variety of adult playthings. Some of them are designed specifically for group play. We can say that deep thoughts about human anatomy (pun intended) were put into their creation.

There are many devices to choose from in our collection, and you can use most of them in many ways. It all comes down to your creativity and openness to exploration. What’s more, these little helpers are not only orgasm chasers. They are also a great way to make things fun, hot, and exciting, increase intimacy, and improve your sex-related communication.

If we’ve tickled your imagination, read on to find about some of the best-selling options in the adult toys market. We’ve also added some suggestions on using couples sex toys to improve your overall sexperience.

Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys

The internet is full of advice on how to please your partner, reach orgasm, or better your performance in bed. And it’s good to stay in the know. But, if you could reach that wisdom through play, why not give that a try? The adult sex toy industry has been developing rapidly with more brilliant, safe, and healthy ways to ensure climax. So, why not harvest those rich crops of culminated knowledge?

Take a step back and think about it. Who on earth would want their sex to remain the same old routine, no matter how awesome? Trying new things together should not be taboo, even for the least adventurous couples. But that’s not all when it comes to sex toys. Because research shows they hide many other benefits for the playful.

It’s All About Communication

Sexual exploration with your partner can help you develop a more intimate and shared sexual experience. Nothing brings a couple closer than moving past (at least some) barriers in sex. You learn more about your partner’s body, their erogenous spots, and their fantasies. You enter the area where frustrations can end, and orgasms can multiply. That feeling of freedom is priceless, and it pays off in increased intimacy and a healthier relationship. And, bringing toys into the picture is one (fun) way of making that happen.

Also, using a toy is a good way to improve communication (and not only about sex). Research shows that couples who use these communicate more in the bedroom since they tend to guide each other during intercourse. When you talk openly during (and after) sex, you can learn more about your bodies' needs, what they feel, and what they can do. That, in turn, leads to better sex because you finally know which buttons — even literally — you need to push to experience incredible sensations.

Maybe couples who generally communicate more openly about their sex life are also more into things like toys. Whatever the case is, the conclusion is the same. Those who feel free to talk about what pleases them are more likely to be satisfied. And that leads to improved sexual and overall confidence.

Bet you never imagined a vibrator could serve as a couples therapist?

Introducing the Sex Toy

The first (and probably the most common) obstacle to introducing a sex toy into your bedroom is “The Talk.” An adult plaything is not something you pull out from under the pillow without consulting the other person. However, it might not be as easy to bring it up to your partner. They might think you are not happy with how things are (that is, with their performance in the sack). Nothing screams “problem” louder than “Honey, how about we use a dildo?” But, it doesn’t have to be that way (or, rather, it shouldn’t).

First of all, the most important thing is to abandon your ego trips and misconceptions about adult toys. And this includes what YOU think your partner’s opinion about them is. Sure, they might not be into exploring at all. But, then again, if they are, it could open a whole new world of intimate exploration.

Talk to your partner about using the toys, but do not do it while in the bedroom (especially not after intercourse). Tell them why you think it could benefit both of you. Introducing a helpful gadget does not mean anyone is insufficient or less potent to take their beloved to the high peaks of joy. On the contrary, using these proves you’re willing to experiment beyond the usual. And that willingness is rewarded by some bonus pleasures.

Sex Toys Designed Specifically for Couples

If you’re looking for the top sex toys for couples, the options will leave you in awe. The classic items are still, well, classic, but the sex toy market is not just about penis-shaped dildos and basic cock rings (these still work wonders, though). There are many toys you can wear or use during sex to help both of you hit the big O.

Sex toys can introduce variety and add dynamics to your sex sessions, depending, of course, on your affinities and your usual sexual routine. Many of these gadgets are designed specifically for certain gender relationships. But, you can use them creatively or combine them with other items. And don’t forget to lube things up to make things smoother and injury-free.

Handcuffs, Swings, and Ramps

Sometimes all you need to spice your sex life up is to accessorize. Do you enjoy role-play or a bit of BDSM? No problem! The market has a variety of products to choose from. From fluffy cuffs, nipple clamps, and harness to full bondage assemblage, you can whip your way to your sexy dominion. And, if you’re into acrobatics and have room for more elaborate installments, you can always go for the sex swing.

But, those in the eternal quest for the P and G spots know that the secret to achieving the oh-so-good thing is the right position. That’s where ramps make the champs. The sex furniture is awesome because it gives you comfort while putting you in the right place at the right time. The erotic positions with couples sex toys might not make you a twister champion, but they will ensure deeper penetration and inspire diversity. Be it ramps, pillows, or benches. These crafty items will do the math so you can do the physics more efficiently. And they will save you from the pains and sprains earned in the heat of the moment.

Couples Vibrators

When it comes to using gadgets, though, most of us think you have to take turns in using them. However, the best erotic products for couples can serve both parties at the same time. The most popular models on the market don’t have to be held and sought for during intercourse. They are also perfectly anatomical, waterproof, safe, and comfortable to use.

Vibrators designed for couples work based on simultaneous stimulation. They are usually positioned in a way to make both partners feel the effects of the vibrations. The shapes and sizes are numerous, but all fit well and do the job without getting in the way. Couples massagers, for instance, are placed between the labia to deliver the same sensation to both partners, in whatever position, hands free!

A male version of a vibrator, the vibrating cock ring, is another handy gadget for sex explorers. The standard ring’s purpose is to restrict the blood flow to the penis, making for longer and stronger erections. However, the newer models add a little something extra by including vibration patterns, which stimulate both partners simultaneously.

A further upgrade, the rabbit cock ring, is an all-in-one product, as a combination of a clitoral massager and a cock based stimulant. Vibrating cock rings come with different speeds and intensity modes. Thus, they make you the boss of how hard and fast things swirl, turning your manhood into an orgasm machine.

Sex Toys Couples Can Use

Though there are many couples sex toys, you still might wanna check your drawers for the “normal” sex toy. You’re l