Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump
Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump
Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump
Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump
Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump

If you want to achieve an instant effect on the size of your dick, but you think penis sleeves are way too desensitizing, then you should definitely try penis pumping.

It increases your girth and length by a few inches while making your cock twice as sensitive. Intrigued? Experience it for yourself. You can start your exploration by using the Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump.

This cock enhancer is a manual pumping device made of high-quality Silicone and ABS to ensure efficacy and safety. It has calibration so you can gauge the stretch of your penis as you carefully pump it.

Equipped with three silicone rings, you can choose the opening's size that works best for you. There's a safety valve to release the vacuum once you achieved sufficient erectness—no need to go under the knife or take enlargement pills that promise false hopes. Your ideal size is just a few pumps away!

Before you get all giddy and excited, there are few safety measures to keep in mind when pumping your dick. This device is a powerful and useful tool but can cause some severe damages when misused. To make sure you won't be harmed in the process, always start your session by doing some penis stretching exercises.

Gently stroke and massage your dick for a few minutes. If it makes you feel more comfortable, apply a generous amount of lube onto your penis and around the area where you'll place the pump.

Doing this will also create a better seal. Pull your testicles downward and ensure that they will not get in the way of your pumping.

Carefully pump as you please, but do not overdo it. Never pump for more than 20 minutes at a time. Once done, put a warm towel on your cock to make the blood circulate on your genitals again.

Live the dream and start pumping with the Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump. Buy this item today!

Color Silicone Rings: Purple, Yellow, White
Pump: Transparent and Black
Material Silicone, ABS
Dimension Length:
Pump: 9.84 inches (250mm)
Pump: 3.15 inches (80mm)
Silicone Rings: 1 inch (25.4mm), 1.26 inches (32mm), 1.50 inches (38mm)


Erection-Enhancing Manual Penis Pump

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