You are a masochist, and you revel in pain. Pain gives you an indescribable high, and you cannot explain why. Well, here is a simple explanation: when you are in pain, the brain releases endorphins, which are neurochemicals dubbed as feel-good hormones. These endorphins boost pleasure, which explains why masochists take pleasure in pain.

You desire nothing more but to get tormented and humiliated, so you submit yourself to a dominatrix who finds sweetness in your surrender. There is no other act more humbling than getting down on your knees. And when you kneel before your Mistress, you give up all the power and control. And if getting caged no longer gives you satisfaction and thrill, it's about time you experienced one of these humblers. A humbler is a restraint tool like no other. Dare to stand up, and it will crush your balls.

Humblers are similar in shape. They are curved around the thighs and have a dip in the middle. All humblers are designed to lock around the testicles, and they are harrowingly restrictive. Any slight movement tugs on the balls, which can be excruciatingly gut-wrenching. But why mind the pain when it's what you are after in the first place? A humbler is one of the go-to devices when you seek ultimate torture.

The collection features only the finest of humblers, and with the given choices, you'll have an easier time deciding which one to take home. They may look similar, but they are still unique in features. Some of them come with detachable ankle cuffs to restrain you even further. Feel free to tell your partner to use the cuffs on your wrists during some sessions, as they can be removed from the device. A lockable option with padlocks is also available, and it is a fine choice if your Mistress loves to keep keys.

Each humbler comprises two layers held together with either hinges or screws. Entrust your chosen torture tool to your Mistress and allow her to torment your balls. The right way to do it is to pull the balls away from your dick and slot them in the gap, making sure that the skin (scrotum), not the balls, is pressed. Be sure that your balls are not the ones caught in the gap, as this can cause permanent damage to your sperm bank.

The materials used to create these humblers are either wood or polycarbonate. These two are undoubtedly sturdy materials, so they won't break no matter what. With smooth, round edges, they won't pinch nor cause abrasions on your skin. Wood and polycarbonate are lightweight, and as such, the device won't drag or pull down your balls. Cleaning the tool won't take so much of your time since you can wash them quickly with soap and water.

Delight your sadistic top with a simple yet so wicked and ruthless tool on your balls. Check out the options and read through their product descriptions and specs to help you better decide which to get. Make sure to order one, or you'll be sorry in the end.

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