Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar
Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar
Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar
Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar

Vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, anal toys—all these tools can take your erotic game up a notch. But nothing beats bondage gear, particularly collars. And when looking for a BDSM neckpiece, our Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar is a perfect choice!

The design of this neckpiece is just as simple as you see in the pictures. It's a metal choker with an O-ring attached to the center. This loop lets you use any bondage gear you like—be it a chain, a rope, or a leash. It also comes with knots and a hex wrench, enabling you to secure the collar around your Sub's neck with ease.

But what makes it even more appealing is that this product comes in two sizes. These variants help you choose a collar that perfectly fits your Sub—be it a male or a female.

The collar is 100% stainless-steel made, so it's durable. It can last a lifetime with proper handling and care. It's also perfect for people with severe allergies as it's hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and rustproof.

To put this choker on your Sub, you need to make sure that your partner is in a comfortable position and headspace. Put it around his or her neck and twist the screws to the holes to secure it in place. Attach the restraint gear of your choice to the collar, and—presto! It's time to start the play.

Tie your Sub up, put a blindfold on, gag his/her mouth, clamp his/her sensitive spots—do whatever you please. For added thrills, tease your Sub until he/she leaks and reaches his/her limit.

When you're through, take it off on your Sub's neck and clean it well with lint-free towels and a polishing cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place or with the rest of your other toys.

Take your sex life—and your relationship—to the next level of kinkiness. Grab this Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar now!

Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Collar – 4.72 inches (12 cm)
O-Ring – 1.02 inches
Collar – 5.51 inches (14 cm)
O-Ring – 1.02 inches
Thickness: 0.39 inch (10 mm)


Submission Play Ring of Steel Collar

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