Backdoor Party Vibrating Butt Beads
Backdoor Party Vibrating Butt Beads
Backdoor Party Vibrating Butt Beads
Backdoor Party Vibrating Butt Beads
Backdoor Party Vibrating Butt Beads

It’s human nature to ask himself whether he can do something or not, like using a chain of beads inside his ass while it’s vibrating. That escalated quickly, but can you?

You heard it right! This butt plug has five levels of depth and ten modes of vibration that will truly test your endurance in playing yourself!

This frictionless, matte-black butt bead made from high quality, safe to use silicone will stretch the hell out of your bum with its five beads starting from 0.71 to 1.50 inch-diameters. The material is made to be soft to ensure your sensitive skin down there will never be damaged once used. It was designed to easily penetrate your ass to your desired depth while stimulating your prostate through trembling your insides with its vibration. Experience the mind-blowing, heart-rushing, tickling yet soothing effect of this kinky sex toy!

Dilate your asshole by slowly inserting, one by one, the lubricated chain of plugs into your behind to feel the increasing magnitude entering your body and soul. See how deep you can go. Touch the tail to your balls and turn on the switch by pressing it to your preferred mode - circular, twister, retrograde, merry-go-round, etc.

Once you have reached your climax, remember to clean the product. Gently remove it from your buns and thoroughly wash with mild soap and water. Do it twice if necessary. Make sure it is dry before keeping in room-temperature storage. This is an adult toy; keep out of reach of minors. Recharge if drained and before reusing.

Push yourself to the limit. Devour all that you can like you’re a blackhole in the cosmos. Consume everything that enters your body like it’s wildly hungry. Are you up to the challenge to chomp all the five beads? Do not leave us hanging. Get one and try it now!

Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Total: 6.30 inches
Insertable: 5.31 in.
Width: 1.60 inches
per bead:
1st: 0.71 in.
2nd: 0.87 in.
3rd: 1.10 in.
4th: 1.26 in.
5th: 1.50 in.


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Backdoor Party Vibrating Butt Beads

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