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Experience the ultimate firm dildo—glass dildos are known for their smooth texture and hygeinic experience. These tough, body-safe dildos offer firm pleasure, and often feature small bumps, beads and ribs for extra sensations. Try the perfect alternative to soft dildos —order now!

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Frequently Asked Questions On Glass Dildos

Can a glass dildo break during use?

Glass made from proper materials cannot break during use unless it is already damaged. If broken before use, it is no longer safe and must be discarded.

Should I check for damage before use?

Even if you handle your dildo with care, it’s still recommended to check it for any visible signs of damage before use.

How to store a glass toy?

Lovegasm glass dildos are all sold and shipped with a soft fabric storage bag. This allows hygienic storage and minimizes risk of damage between uses.

What if I drop my glass dildo?

Glass is brittle and chips easily if dropped on a hard surface. The damage is not always visible, but glass integrity can be compromised by drops and it should be disposed of.

How can I safely use glass for temperature play?

Boiling water or ice-water are safe methods to heat or cool glass for temperature play, but avoid going from one extreme to another. Touch the toy with the back of your hand to check it is a safe temperature before use.

Why Choose a Glass Dildo?

Glass has gained popularity as a sex toy material because it is highly hygienic, has attractive aesthetics, and is hard, making it a desirable alternative to softer materials like silicone. With non-porous surfaces, Lovegasm glass dildos are molded from tough, body-safe glass. These tough materials are a perfect choice to target your tender spots with firm pressure.

Glass Dildos Gives a Smoother and Firmer Experience

Glass dildos are extremely smooth and have less friction and resistance than any other material. When lubricated, they glide in and out easily which allows you to focus on putting the right amount of pressure where it feels best. The fact it’s so smooth means that glass toys often feature bulbs, bumps, ridges, or curves, which are all designed to offer heightened sensations.

Glass is a great choice for those seeking G-spot or prostate orgasms, and curved dildos with bulbs allow you to hit those areas very easily. Anal play is made easier than ever as cleaning is effortless and smooth glass offers little resistance for beginners who might find other toys have too much friction. The rock-solid hardness offers an intense experience either vaginally or anally as your body naturally squeezes against it during pleasure and meets firm resistance.

Glass Dildos are Body-Safe and Easy to Clean

Safety is a common concern for glass sex toys—what if it breaks?

Body-safe glass dildos or wands should only be made from borosilicate or soda-lime, and all toys in Lovegasm’s range are formed from these 2 materials. Borosilicate is used to make pyrex glass and is known for its extreme durability and resistance to temperature changes. Soda-lime is slightly weaker than borosilicate , but is more than strong enough to withstand any pressures the human body can handle. Annealing and tempering processes are also used to add further strength.

While these materials are incredibly hard and able to resist immense pressure, they are also brittle and can be damaged or chipped if dropped, so glass dildos must be carried and handled with care.

In addition to its durability, glass is non-porous, making it extremely hygienic. Cleaning is easily handled with warm, soapy water and a scrub before and after use, or simply by placing it in the dishwasher. It is also hypoallergenic, which means it’s perfect for any with latex or silicone allergies, and contains no Phthalates or BPAs which can be found in cheap plastic dildos.

Types of Glass Dildos

Glassworking is an art form and can be used to make breathtaking toys that stand out with delicate stained colors, elegant designs, and creative shapes that maximize pleasure.

Our top 7 best glass dildos include:
  • Glass Wands: Straight and smooth, these are a great choice for beginners looking for easy insertion.
  • Glass Anal Dildos: While anything with a flared base works for anal play, dildos differ from glass butt plugs as they are straight, making them ideal for thrusting anal pleasure.
  • Curved Glass Dildos: Curving upward at the tip for G-spot or prostate targeting, they are perfect for intense orgasms.
  • Ribbed Glass Dildos: Adding small ribs and bumps along the shaft can make toys more pleasurable as they glide through your entrance.
  • Beaded Glass Dildos: Creating a popping sensation when used anally or vaginally, every bead simulates the orgasmic feeling of initial penetration.
  • Bulbed Glass Dildos: With a bulb thicker than the shaft, you can put all the pressure on your G-spot or P-Spot with the bulb as your walls tense against it.
  • Twisted Glass Dildos: Featuring 2 elegantly intertwined spirals from tip-to-base, these offer intense pleasure in a small package as every twist teases your entrance.

Perfect for Temperature Play

Glass is a near-perfect insulator, which means it stays hot or cold for a long time during temperature play. This makes it a great choice for heating up with hot water or cooling down in icy water. This type of sensation play can add more pleasure by allowing you to toy and tease sensitive external areas such as the nipples, inner thighs, and butt cheeks.

Goose-bump inducing cold shocks can sensitize the nerves, while a hot touch in the right place relaxes you for more fun! Pair with a blindfold to add a tantalizing layer of surprise to your play before you work your way up to internal pleasure.

An icy cold dildo will make your genitals tighten and tense for a more intense experience, while heated toys feel amazing and relaxing as they warm you up and promote blood flow, in turn offering heightened pleasure.
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