Animal Dildos

Feel the call of the wild with an animal dildo. these textured fantasy designs promise pleasure-filled rides whether you choose knotted dog dildos , huge horse dildos or something against the grain like or tentacle or dragon dildos . Made of body-safe silicone, offered in a variety of standard and huge sizes and perfect for vaginal or anal . Try inflatable , ejaculating or realistic animal designs today.

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Feel Primal Pleasure With An Animal Dildo

Furry fetish or not, animal dildos offer intense pleasure with their creative designs and often extreme shapes.

For many, the distinct shape of an animal-inspired dildo is the main attraction. For example, a knot dildo exerts orgasmic pressure on your G-spot or prostate when fully inserted. Whereas a horse dildo has a huge, flared tip with a smaller shaft, focusing your internal pleasure on the area where the horse's tip is.

Who said we must stick with plain old human-shaped dildos to enjoy pleasure? There is quite literally a whole world of diverse biology and anatomy that has been used as inspiration to create a variety of animal dildos. Each animal sex toy is designed to feel just like the penis of a male animal, and they interact with your vagina or anus in unique and exciting ways.

A ferocious wolf or dog dildo penetrating a submissive brings out the alpha wolf in any dominant. Primal fetish play revolves around releasing your inner animal, and wolves, as primal yet social animals, are popular for primal roleplay. Animalistic breeding is common for those with primal, animal instinct fetishes, and cumming animal dildos help turn a breeding fetish into a reality.

Types of Animal Dildos

Aside from dildos inspired by different species, animal dildos have many other features to add to the realism or intensity of the experience.
  • Realistic: Realistic animal dildos are designed to closely resemble the penis of the animal. Their texture will be soft and realistic, their shape anatomically correct, and their coloring visually accurate.
  • Fantasy : Anthropomorphized beasts are common in mythology, and fetishes surrounding them have led to dildos mimicking fantasy creatures. Centaur, dragon, and werewolf dildos are examples of fantasy animal dildos.
  • Monster : Styled after the ravenous cocks of monsters, these dildos belong to monstrous, animalistic beasts of mythology and fantasy.
  • Non-realistic: For those who find the shape of animal dildos pleasurable but are not involved in the larger furry fetish, options are available that have that feel like realistic animal dildos without resembling the real thing.
  • Squirting: Fulfill a primal breeding kink with squirting animal dildos that fill with fake cum.
  • Inflatable: Pump up inflatable animal dildos to feel realistic knotting as it inflates inside.

Different species have unique dildo shapes and offer a highly distinct feeling.
  • Dog Dildo: Their flared tip and huge knotted base make them perfect pleasurers for men and women. Designed for anal and vaginal penetration, they hit the g-spot or prostate hard when the knot is fully inserted.
  • Horse Dildo: Their huge tips and squishy texture makes them great for vaginal and anal training. Warm up with one before fisting or just enjoy the feeling of the big tip on your sensitive spots.
  • Cat Dildo: As spiked dildos with small, soft barbs along the shaft, they are thin and highly textured. Lion and tiger dildos are common cat designs.
  • Tentacle Dildo : They resemble squid or octopus tentacles, or other mythical creatures of the deep like the Kraken dildo.
  • Other Animals: Pig dildos, cow dildos and even deers have had dildos created after them.

Keep your dildo clean by washing it with warm soapy water and gently scrubbing to maintain its hygiene and its non-porous silicone surface. Lovegasm animal dildos are formed from body-safe medical-grade silicone and molded into tough yet soft realistic designs that last as long as they’re cleaned regularly.

Animal Roleplay, Furries, And Animal Dildos

Just as animal dildos mimic the physiology and feel of beastly cocks, specific animals have seen their own fetishes evolve and develop as the psychology and mating rituals of all species is unique.

Everyone has a favorite animal, and this connection resonates deeply with our own psychology. Exploring the intense sexual connection animals share with one another opens and expands your own view. As modern humans, we have little understanding of nature and even less interaction—sexual animal roleplay with other humans allows us to glimpse into the most intimate practices of our furry friends.

The taboo idea of man, woman, and beast mating and sharing pleasure has roots predating written history. The concept that pleasure with consent is not limited to humans, but includes all animals as well, is gaining increased acceptance by some groups. Just as other “deviant” sexual activities like homosexuality, and even masturbation were repressed throughout history, zoophilia found itself on the wrong side of cultural sexual repression. Terms to describe a furry couple engaging in animal roleplay are knotting for puppy play, yiffing for fox play, and clopping for pony play.

Animal dildos offer a way to explore these fetishes safely, all while offering unique physical sensations and psychological pleasure.
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