Get Locked Female Chastity Belt
Get Locked Female Chastity Belt
Get Locked Female Chastity Belt
Get Locked Female Chastity Belt
Get Locked Female Chastity Belt
Get Locked Female Chastity Belt
Get Locked Female Chastity Belt

What's the best way to get your attention? Perhaps a little lovin' from your mister. But that's Master to you. That's right; you can wake up from your dreams now because there's no way that your Daddy Dom will ever follow your orders, it'll be the other way around.

You've been daydreaming of taking over his place, weren't you? That's a naughty thing to do. And because of that, you deserve to be punished. What better way to keep you on your toes than with this Get Locked Female Chastity Belt?

This device will hinder you from getting down and dirty all by myself when Master is not at home. You're not allowed to do different things while you're all alone. But of course, you can't be trusted with your own body. Which is why we're letting this take over.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, it will hinder you from doing naughty deeds while Master is away. The bottom plate will completely cover your vagina or clitoris, preventing you from touching it or sticking anything up in there. You can't even ask for a few minutes of fresh air or to use the bathroom, because the plate is perforated with holes specifically for that purpose.

You're still pretty lucky if this is what your Master brings home. Your butthole is still wild and free for viewing or for use. Everything about this chastity device is for your Daddy Dom's pleasure only. As for you, you'll be denied everything that you thought was yours.

Be a good girl, and you might get a quick moment of action. Remember, your butt is exposed, after all. Wearing this device will make you look like you have a sexy G-string.

Stop putting things on hold. Take a pick from the two colors and five different sizes. Buy one now!

Colors Silver, Black, Blue
Type Female Chastity Belts
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions/Waistline, if Chastity Belt (inches) XS - 23.62 inches to 27.56 inches
S - 27.56 inches to 31.50 inches
M - 31.50 inches to 35.43 inches
L - 35.43 inches to 39.37 inches
XL - 39.37 inches to 43.31 inches


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Get Locked Female Chastity Belt

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