Double Pleasure Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

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Are you thinking of how you can get an endless barrage of sexual satisfaction? Well, look no further! You can always turn to the Double Pleasure Vibrating Ben Wa Balls.

Don’t settle for something that can only leave you unsatisfied or unfulfilled! With the Double Pleasure Vibrating Ben Wa Balls, you would be getting what you deserve - a new kind of experience that enhances your sexual being!

There are so many notable features that the Double Pleasure Vibrating Ben Wa Balls will give you. It's important to know what these are so you would be able to maximize everything it has to offer.

One of the most important points to know is that you actually get two kinds of vibrating toys plus one remote control. The first one is the vibrating Ben Wa ball that measures 2.24 x 0.98 inches. You will also receive a 1.57 x 1.50 finger vibrator, both of these can be controlled using a separate control that can be powered by two AA batteries. 

These vibrating sex toys are made from both medical grade silicone and ABS plastic. These are considered non-toxic and body safe materials to use so you are sure to enjoy a safe and comfortable play. These babies are also waterproof so if getting a good wet session in the tub is your thing, then this is the perfect set for you.

Before using the Double Pleasure Vibrating Ben Wa Balls, make sure that you use a lubricant. To turn it on, press the power button for about three seconds or more. Once it’s ready, you can use the purple colored vibrating Ben Wa Ball to pleasure yourself as well as tighten the vaginal muscles. Intensify the experience by using the finger vibrator to arouse yourself.

Grab our amazing Double Pleasure Vibrating Ben Wa Balls now and get amazing results beyond anything you can imagine!

Color Purple
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Ball
Material Silicone, ABS Plastic
Dimensions (in.)


Egg- 2.24 inches

Finger Vibrator- 1.57 inches


Egg-0.98 inches

Finger Vibrator- 1.50 inches