Hollow Inner Tube Metal Butt Plug 4.45 Inches Long


Are you planning to buy sex toys to level up your anal play scenarios? Why not get this one-of-a-kind metal butt plug? It's not just a butt plug but an enema syringe too!

Our Hollow Inner Tube Steel Butt Plug has everything you need for fun and instant sex play. The plug features a teardrop-shaped head, a short neck, and an oval base with a hole at the center. The smooth and seamless teardrop-shaped body and small neck provide a comfortable fit for easy penetration.

These features will make your partner beg for more once you shove it up his ass! Though it's short, it will still reach your lover's sphincter and hit all his erotic spots, making him cum more. Meanwhile, the round base serves as the butt plug's stopper. It prevents the anal toy from getting penetrated fully into your partner's fuck tunnel; thus, ensuring safe anal sex.

Additionally, the base of this butt plug has a hole at the center. This is where the metal rod is connected. This tube extends the length of the anal toy for added sexual pleasure. With this bonus feature, you can thrust or twist it inside without holding its base. But the primary purpose of the rod is to keep the ass clean. This prepares your lover's entrance before doing some naughty things on his behind.

The device is made from premium steel. This material has been used for making sex toys because of its durability. Moreover, it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free, making this toy safe to use.

So, why buy two sex toys when you can get these features and perks by using our Hollow Inner Tube Metal Butt Plug 4.45 Inches Long? Your sex play with your lover has never been this exciting!

Color Black, Blue, Silver
Type Shower Enema

Handle: Steel

Plug: Steel


Length handle: 4.45 in.

plug: 3.15 in.

Width handle: 0.47 in.

plug: 1.46 in.